pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 22nd December 2006
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Looking down the Traverse to the Upper Cas.

Piste Basher works on patching the Ptarmigan Bowl.

View down Coire Cas, good spring snow, but the tow track has broken in the thaw.

Fairway is complete with soft snow, but narrow.

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Overnight cloud cover coupled with the temperature inversion have kept temperatures well above freezing on the Mountain resulting in a steady thaw of the snow pack, largely back to the old base. The Top Basin runs off the Ciste Tow are complete but narrow in places, and the Piste Crews were working to try and repair the Ptarmigan Bowl. There is still a run most of the way to the mid-station via the Traverse and either the 105 or Coire Cas. Experts can get most of the way down the Gunbarrel with care.

Unfortunately the Cas uptrack is broken on the top third and it may not be patchable without jepordising the run, but it may be possible to use the mid third of the tow if demand warrents extra uplift over the weekend. Please bear in mind with the warm inversion though conditions of the runs will need to be assessed each morning.

Thanks to Helen for today's photos. If you have been out please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.info .
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