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CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 26th March 2007
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Plenty of space for learning in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Looking up the M1 SideTrack, smooth untouched spring snow, cut back to the Cas via Horizon Road.

Sun and Spring Snow in the Ciste Bowl, which has a few different lines you can take.

Skier heads up to the Kickers above the Ptarmigan Tow.

Battleship box by the T-bar.

Wide flat rail down from the battleship box.

Looking up the Ptarmigan Bowl, Flat-up-Flat box, C-box and a Kinked Rail below the steeper line into the Bowl.

Funicular heads for the Tunnel at the top of the White Lady.

Lovely spring snow on the Fairway offering scope for some high speed turns with the Southerly tailwind.

Snow fence slalom on the M1 RaceTrack. Zig Zags beyond, top two are fine, but walking required on the lower two, Gunbarrel skiable to first tower of T-bar.

Ptarmigan Bowl and Ciste Tow from above the Ptarmigan Traverse.

View down Coire Cas, Southerly wind was funnelling down here on Monday giving a fast tail wind to help crank up some turns.

Keeping a high traverse from the top of the Ptarmigan Tow heading to the Cas Headwall. Go skiers left of Ptarmigan Traverse fence and keep as high a traverse as possible.

Traverse round over the Summit Path till the snow runs out. A couple of minutes hoffing is required to gain height, before skis on to traverse round to the Head Wall.

Helen (H11lly) traverses Coronation Wall to get a complete line on the Head Wall to the Cas Tow. There is a do-able line on Coronation Wall also, but Headwall had superb steep spring snow.

Ski Patrol descend the Gunbarrel at the end of another blue sky afternoon. Gunbarrel narrow but fun for good skiers/boarders. Short walk from foot of M1 Poma to Funicular mid-station.

Coire Cas from the Head Wall. Traverse is loaded and 105 full width.

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Can't vouch for the morning, but Monday afternoon was another suncream and shades one, with mostly blue sky and a few clouds scurrying over from time to time, was noticably hazier to the South of the Plateau and in the distance to the North.

Little change in the Snowsports Area since Saturday, but the snow on Coire Cas was looser today and with a strong tail wind funnelling down over the Headwall it was possible to really crank it up on Coire Cas. M1 RaceTrack has good spring snow and has a good line down through the fences and out via Horizon Road to the 105. M1 SideTrack has sweet almost untouched spring snow, and with a bit of shuffling around the fences you can cut over the Poma uptrack and get to Horizon Road.

For experts though spring snow is at it's best when it's steep, so the run of the day was with out a doubt the Cas Headwall. From the top of the Ptarmigan Tow go skier's left of the Ptarmigan Traverse fence then keep as high a traverse as the snowfields allow, crossing the Summit Path keep as high as possible and follow the line of snow round till it ends.

From here a short hoof (couple of minutes at most )gains that bit of height needed to traverse Coronation Wall till your on the Headwall then drop down and take a line to the Cas Tow. Scope for some longer but narrower lines on Coronation Wall itself. See forum and Backcountry reports for more pix from the Headwall and photo with the route to get there.
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