pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 18th January 2007
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Ciste Fairway caught a good amount of fresh on the West Wind.

Looking back down the Ciste Tow as the cloud begins to lift.

The 'view' from the top of the Ptarmigan,

Going up the improved Cas, best sport on Thursday.

Walker stops to take in the view from the Fiacaill Traverse.

Loch Morlich beyond Coire Cas.

Boarders on the mid-Cas. Improved width and depth and lovely fresh snow.

The last of the setting suns rays seen from Coire Cas.

The new link from the M1 has caught some snow, but M1 needs a good bit more.

Experts can get to the middle via the Gunbarrel, but very narrow on the lower half.

Top part of the Gunbarrel has improved.

Afternoon Twilight over the Cas Tow.

Late afternoon panoramic of CairnGorm from Loch Morlich.

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Overnight snow showers on an easing Westerly gave way to increasingly scattered snow showers during Thursday, with some good bright spells later in the afternoon. Though the overnight snow fall was not a significant storm, with the moderating west wind the best new accumulations were to be found on the parts of the mountain which already had a decent base, meaning that while terrain remains restricted the surface conditions were excellent giving good if limited sport.

The Ciste Fairway caught a good deal of the fresh and pisted out to give nice easy sport on machine packed powdery snow, the Gully site was mostly unpisted with fresh snow. By far the best riding is on the Upper Cas which has filled in further with last nights snow and was offering excellent machine packed fresh on the skiers right of the T-bar and fresh powdery snow to track up on the other side. The upper Gunbarrel has improved and experts can ski/ride to the mid-station, but the less experienced are advised to take the Zig Zags but some walking is required that way, but it's worth it if you get a few runs in on the Cas Tow which is loading from the Gunbarrel

A general thin cover of snow over the mountain, with a bit more wind expected on Friday there should be some drifting which will help redistribute the snow and hopefully start to fill in some other areas. Photos from Winterhighland. You can send your photos to pix2007@winterhighland.info .
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