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Glencoe // Wednesday 24th January 2007
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Heading for the Top T-bar.

Random line below the Cliffhanger - mind you head if passing under the line!

View out from the edge of the Main Basin across the uptrack gully to the moor and hills beyond.

Queue for the Cliffy just before the Wall T-bar opened early afternoon.

Top T-bar track is well loaded.

Looking up the loaded gully of the top tows.

Looking back up the Canyon.

A photo stop on the Spring Run - possibly edges it for Run of the Day.

Brightening up above the Cliffhanger - various skiable lines under the Chair.

Plateau Poma doing it's thing early morning.

Plateua Run has decent cover though not the depth of higher runs.

First signs of the weather lifting.

Going up the Cliffhanger.

A misty start to a Wednesday which was to clear into a superb afternoon.

Main Basin from the T-bar - excellent sport and great cover.

To huck or not to huck?

Late afternoon photo stop.

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The early morning mist that shrouded Meall a' Bhuiridh at first came and went early in the day before gradually dispersing to give a superb afternoon. Basically the upper mountain and the natural snow fields on the middle runs are loaded, the base has been gradually building since late November. While the slow gradual build up may have been frustrating, the end results have been well worth waiting for with the best early season sport for a number of years.

A fantastic mid-week day up at Glencoe, with good fresh snow on an extensive base giving great sport for all abilities. Best conditions generally on the upper mountain, with the Spring Run probably just edging it as the pick of the day on Wednesday, but the Main Basin is in superb nick for improving intermediates and above, and enough width to really crank up some big carved turns. The Canyon and Wall are in great shape mid-mountain though Thrombosis just edges it as the pick of these runs. For the more adventurous there are various lines skiable under the Cliffy. Plateau Poma runs are in decent nick, though there are one or two thinner areas to watch out for around the top of the Poma and at a couple of bottlenecks on Mugs Alley, there is currently no problem getting around even the lower mountain.

All in All great sport on offer, let's hope it holds for the Weekend. Photos by Winterhighland there are more on HighlandInstinct and also additional pix in the Public Reports section.
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