pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 27th January 2007
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Excuse me, can you turn the wind down?

Wandering on Horizon Road...

The mist lifts for the last run. Coire Cas is in good shape with a good width.

Direct route on the Ptarmigan is filled well now - avoided doing battle with the slight breeze (as shown by the t-bars).

Going up Coire Cas - Loch Morlich behind.

More Crust than a stale loaf on the M1 - Needs pisted out and enough drifts to the 105.

Loch Morlich appears briefly from the mist while looking down the M1 Race Track.

Looking back to the Traverse, strong head winds on Sat, but plenty of scope to drop off and take a direct line onto the 105.

Some big drifts waiting to be bashed out, shame the East Lady isn't as white as it looks in the distance.

Ouch... Carnage on the Carpark Runs. Experts can get most of the way down without risk of damage (to toys or self!).

Sledging outside the Ptarmigan.

One of the fleeting sunny spells over Coire Cas.

Did anyone find a pot of gold on the Carpark Run or just more rocks?

Looking over the Cas from the top of the 105.

Gunbarrel from the Cas Gantry.

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By lunchtime Saturday was looking to turn out a quite decent day weatherwise, but the cloud came back down in the afternoon and Sunday's wind seemed to post an early arrival causing the Ciste T-bar to close early afternoon. While the visibility came and went on the upper mountain it was generally clear on the Cas.

The Top Basin runs have a good width of cover and the direct route by the Ptarmigan Tow has filled well and there is plenty of space for learning in the Bowl. Heading down from the Top the Traverse has several options to drop off it further down and take a direct line to the 105 which proved very useful on Saturday as the head wind picked up. A good run for intermediates upwards is down the Traverse, cut skiers right through the gap, pick a line down onto the 105 and then ski out the full length of the 105 into the M1 Poma loading area this is the best route to the Poma, but watch out for rocks in the queuing area.

The Upper Cas is in good shape with a nice wide cover and good machine packed snow. With the Tow loading at the bottom the Gunbarrel is closed, so the Chicken run through the middle of the Zig Zags is the best option, as the lower legs of the Zig Zags are getting worn, esp. on the corners. The Lady needs more lower down, but the M1 is complete back onto the 105 with the new fences and looks like it would come up nicely if bashed out.

The Carpark Run remains complete but only just via the Burnside caution required and not for the faint hearted or those with limited control. If in doubt, take the train! Thanks to H11lly for some additional photos and apologies for some blurry ones, the wind drove moisture into my camera.
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