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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 8th February 2007
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The reason why there aren't any photos from the bottom of the Ciste Tow!

Distant hills in sun through the drifting snow on the Ptarmigan.

Looking across the bowl.

Looking up the Ptarmigan Tow.

Good cover on the Hayfield for sledging and learning.

A better bet for learning the basics than the Top Basin today!

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Sledging or sessioning a kicker at the Hayfield was the more civilised option on Thursday afternoon as the wind really started to pick up at the top of CairnGorm Mountain with a biting wind chill, so do wrap up warm for Friday. The increasing wind is redistributing the lying snow, some cases for better and sometimes for worse, as in the case of the Ptarmigan Bowl where the general wide cover on the open ground by the Ciste Tow has been blasted over to the West Wall Poma up-track.

Snow showers were coming in but difficult to tell at times what was falling or blowing, but the wind direction from the SE was building drifts in close to the fences at the Top of the Traverse, with care it's possible to hug the fence line and the deeper drifts and not need to take your plank(s) off now to get on the Traverse proper. It wouldn't take much more to make the second Zig Zag out into the Gunbarrel skiable, and the new link from the M1 was loading up with snow. Sadly the M1 is only filling slowly, but it's at least starting to fill. Still more needed to get extra terrain open.

Photos by Winterhighland. If you have been out on the slopes please send your photos to pix2007@winterhighland.info . PS the Lamb Curry in the Ptarmigan was great for such a cold day!
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