pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 12th February 2007
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The Traverse is banked out at the top - big change from last week.

Looking down Coire Cas which is little changed.

The hurricane force wind has driven snow down the Cas, Gunbarrel now complete.

Boarder on the White Lady - Most snow wrong side of fence!

Lady burn well filled, ski out to Ski Club Hut boardwalk and traverse out for the Funicular. Can get to M1 Poma higher up.

View from the hill road, natural terrain features have filled like the Gunbarrel and Lady burns, but many areas scoured.

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Overcast with low cloud on Monday resulting in flat light and misty conditions in the Top Basin, hence no photos. The strength of the wind over the weekend means a very uneven snow distribution with a lot of snow unfortunately stuck in the wrong or not very useful places. Big gains though is the Traverse where the top is now complete and the Cas Gunbarrel which is full length to the mid-station, but narrow as the strength of wind means only the burn course caught snow.

The White Lady is open and complete, best cover is on the mid-section, narrower at the top and lower down, stacks of snow at the top, but wrong side of the fences. Possible to ski out the full length and hoof back round the Sheiling to get the Funicular, but it is possible to get over to the M1 Poma, take the higher of the left forks in the fence and follow the markers through the new gap, then down the drifts nearer the funicular is the easiest way to the Poma. Best option for the Lady (providing mid-station stops on the Funicular) is to stay in the burn gully to the level of the board walk to the Ski Club hut, then cut left where there is a good width/depth of snow to Traverse across on.

East Wall is banked out above the base of the Ciste Gully, but still an avalanche risk and the WWP track is scoured and broken. However the West Wall Poma will be in use for the Top Basin and should spread the load and reduce queues for the Ciste T-bar. Thanks to Helen for the photos.
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