pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 17th February 2007
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Skiers heading up the Cas Tow at the crossover.

The Upper Cas.

View down the M1, some narrower bits but still complete to the 105, need to take skis off to hop down the bank to get to the Cas T-bar.

A snow shower coming in (from top of the Traverse).

A blue sky start to Saturday outside the Ptarmigan early morning.

Ciste Fairway before the crowds got up!

Looking down the White Lady, still reasonable width to the M1 Poma cut off. Much narrower below there, but still complete to the mid-station.

Sun re-appearing above the M1 Poma after a snow shower.

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Top Basin runs have a generally decent cover, but the Ciste Bowl starts wide then narrows in like a funnel, but still no problem getting back to the lift and it was the most pleasant snow first thing on Saturday. The Ptarmigan run is in decent enough shape, but not a huge expanse of width in the bowl after last weekends storm, though ample space for learning.

The Traverse and 105 are complete into the Cas, but exit the 105 via the middle drop off where the hill track crosses the Cas run. The Cas itself is fairly narrow by it's standards but was offering decent surface conditions and the Cas Tow was the quietest on the hill. The Gunbarrel is banked out like a shallow half pipe at present but easily skiable to the M1 loading area.

The upper M1 is complete with an exit route out to the 105, but has some narrower sections, and will be assessed in the morning. The White Lady remains complete, but is narrow and challenging below the upper fork to the M1 Poma. Take the top split and follow the large drift parallel to the funicular until you get a line to cut across to the Poma. Also possible to ski out to the level of the Ski Club Hut board walk and traverse out to the Funicular.

A dry day with plenty of sun and largely clear skies for Sunday. Will be a good day, but it will be busy so arrive early. Ticket sales were suspended by 11am on Sat, for good skiers/boarders it was largely numbers of beginner tickets that were the issue so the queues never got to bad on the M1 Poma and were largely non-existent on the Cas T-bar. Photos by Winterhighland. Please send your photos to pix2007@winterhighland.info .
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