pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 24th February 2007
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Promising morning sun going up - gave way to mist by the top. Mix of some brighter spells and showers / mist.

Waiting for the West Wall Poma. Top Queues were long with the Ciste Tow out of action while lower down Cas tow had no queue.

That will be the burn then!!

Kids don't try this at home, also they didn't believe me when I warned them of the stream underneath....

Terrain Park sign.

Air of the Kicker. Kicker and oildrum jab in the Marquis Well snowfield just above the Ptarmigan Tow.

The prime suspect heading onto the White Lady from the M1 SideTrack.

Mist comes down over Coire Cas. Cas complete but generally narrow.

Skiers on the White Lady. Use the get off ramp of the Poma, then M1 Side Track to access the Lady.

Boarder at the top of the Traverse - if only the rest of the runs were this loaded!

Gunbarrel carnage zone - those in the know straight lined the grass!

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A largely overcast and misty day with some showers with a few brighter spells, so the bright sun going up the Funicular for the first time was a bit of a false dawn weatherwise.

The best cover is in the Top Basin where all runs are complete with generally reasonable width, but the snow is soft and wet. Surface conditions improve further down on to the middle slopes though the cover gets narrower. The Traverse has good cover, but the 105 is getting thin and the Upper Cas is complete but narrow with loose granular snow. The best snow by far was on the White Lady good granular spring snow, fairly quick and very easy to ski on, but the runs is starting to break in a couple of places, but it was still just possible for experts to ski top to mid-station by the Lady without having to unclip till below the bottom of the M1 Poma.

A slow but steady thaw has continued day and night, the M1 is broken and any attempted descent of the Gunbarrel will likely be eventful shall we say. Photos by Winterhighland, additional photos from H11lly. Please send your photos to pix2007@winterhighland.info .
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