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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 6th March 2007
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Looking down the White Lady with Loch Morlich in the distance.

Possible off-piste lines on Coronation Wall from Fiacaill Traverse.

White Lady was the pick of Tuesday.

M1 and White Lady from Zig Zags. Enough snow to bury the Gunbarrel below the top Zig!

Upper Cas has a good base now, but the surface was somewhat scoured and slick, Fiacaill was a more enjoyable run.

Gunbarrel continued to improve over the weekend and Monday with the Cas Tow loading at the bottom.

Ski it like your instructor Dave does!

Start of the giant slalom course for the Army Races on the Upper M1 RaceTrack/Traverse.

White Lady has filled further over the weekend, now set up firm and grippy after overnight thaw/freeze cycle.

Ptarmigan Bowl from beside the WW Poma on route to Lady Luck, just after the wind closed the Poma.

Ciste Gully and West Wall nearly there, East Wall complete, upper Gully looks in great shape. Overyonder looked do-able as far as could be seen.

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Strong South to South Westerly winds over the weekend and Monday meant further steady gains for the mid-mountain runs, esp the White Lady, M1 and the Gunbarrel. A brief period of rain overnight Sunday into Monday, means the snowpack has been through two overnight thaw/freeze cycles in a row, thus while surface conditions are not as flattering as on Friday the consolidation is welcome, helping to improve the base.

The snow has set up firm and grippy, there's a few polished/scoured areas and at this stage of the cycle the best surface conditions have been just off the pisted areas. All Top Basin Runs are complete and in decent nick, though the Ptarmigan Bowl has been scoured down in places.

The White Lady has made big gains on the upper and mid-section esp, the lower link back to the Poma / mid-station by the Funicular has improved too and overall was the best sport today. It only narrowly edged it over the Fiacaill and for those more comfortable on blues, the Fiacaill via the Fiacaill Traverse was a nicer run than the Cas with less hard snow but only saw a handful of skiers, but spoilt a little bit by about a 50yard break where the snowfence has blown over!

The M1 was hosting army races today, but there's been further gains on it, with the full length of the RaceTrack now complete and the top section in great shape out via the link to the 105 which is now much wider than the fence line. No skiable snow below mid-mountain level, but good cover above.

No update on the state of the M2 but the Ciste side has been loading up, but it looked as if the main cover on the West Wall and the Ciste Gully run out a short distance above the board-walks, but the East Wall is in. Photos from Winterhighland, please send yours to pix2007@winterhighland.info .
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