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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 21st March 2007
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Loch Morlich looms large from the M2. Best route to the Daylodge.

The Traverse is banked out to well above the fences, don't fall off the edge!

Icy West Wall Poma and the Ciste Fairway.

Daylodge run takes you to the Daylodge Bar!

Skier heading down the mostly full width Daylodge Run.

Looking over the Northern Corries from the M2.

Looking down the mid-section of the M2 to the Daylodge Poma, narrow in places on the steeper pitch with some rocks showing with use.

The upper section of the M2 to near the Aonach Poma is mostly full-width and pisted.

Sign collection at the top of the M2. Daylodge Run is unpisted, earlier windblown and skier tracked powder was softening later and packing down with use.

The grim truth of what a North wind does to the Gunbarrel. Cas Tow likely to load from the top tomorrow, only loading at the bottom because Zig Zags are decent.

Looking down the Upper Cas from outside the main fence line.

The Horizon Road link from M1 to the Cas filled nicely on the North wind.

105 is in good shape, full width with machine groomed soft snow.

Looking down the Ciste Tow and Fairway, decent gains from the Northerly here.

Clearing piste signs show early signs of the temperature rising.

Fences are buried at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Sledge Park pisted out and widened and ready for sledging.

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A bright start and the absence of the head wind which plagued yesterday made for enjoyable riding in the Top Basin and on the Cas. Unfortunately no photos before lunch due to misplacing the camera and the cloud had thickened by then. A couple of light showers but mostly decent visibility, though the light went flat later on.

Top Basin Runs are in decent shape with machine packed powder on a firm packed base, some softening later in the day and lower down the snow was consolidating and packing down as slightly milder temperatures moved in. Cas, Zig Zags and the 105 had good pisted soft snow, Zig Zags mostly OK, but the lower 2 corners are getting slightly worn. The Traverse is absolutely loaded with a bit of a lip and drop off if taking a short cut to the 105. Cas Tow loading at bottom but uptrack very marginal through Gunbarrel; singles only.

The Lady sadly isn't worth it and is closed anyway, officially so is the M1 RaceTrack but as the old base softened it was seeing some action out via Horizon Road link to the Zig Zags, avoid the bare patch in the upper M1 by taking a line outside the fences.

Only a thin and patchy cover on the Carpark Runs, people were thrashing there skis on it, but a reasonable route down is available for good skiers/boarders by the M2 and Daylodge Run. The Upper M2 and Daylodge are mostly full width, unpisted below top of Daylodge. Section from top of Aonach to top of DLP is narrow, just one machine width, watch for some rocks on the steep pitch.

The Ptarmigan Vans Terrain Park has a hip, some booters, a few small kickers, a battleship box, C-box, flat-up-flat box, rookie flat rail, and a flat-down rail. Pix from Winterhighland.
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