pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 24th March 2007
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Looking up the Ciste Fairway to the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Perfect blue sky and Sun above the Ciste Tow to start the day and it stayed that way.

Top Basin from the West Wall Poma, Fairway by Poma, Ciste / Ptarmigan Bowls to upper left.

Taking in the rays and the view on the Ptarmigan Terrace.

West Wall Poma, Ciste Fairway and heading left the M2.

Boarder hits the battleship box at the top of the Ptarmigan Run.

Looking up the Ptarmigan Bowl, excellent beginner areas.

Waiting to load the West Wall Poma.

Pristine Sledge Park ready for action!

Skiers heading for the Traverse looking up from the M1 RaceTrack.

The Traverse, the road to the Cas.

Looking up the M1 from outside the fence, exit skiers right through one of the gaps for the best line.

Looking through the mid M1 to the Zig Zags. M1 had great loose spring snow for better skiers/boarders.

Boarders exit the M1 via Horizon Road enroute to the Cas.

View down Coire Cas to Loch Morlich beyond. Firmpacked snow on the Cas.

T-shirt clad skiers skinning up the M2. Going up it's still possible to get almost the whole way up by going outside the fences.

Coire Cas from the M2.

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Another suncream and shades day on Saturday with a few lobsters evident on the Slopes. Surface conditions started firm and grippy but in the sun surfaces generally loosened quickly to give a layer of good granular spring snow, with a firm base underneath giving some great spring riding even though the open terrain is not all that extensive.

Top to middle riding is on offer via either the Traverse and 105 or the M1 RaceTrack out via Horizon Road, then down either the Cas Gunbarrel or Zig Zags. Gunbarrel is narrow and banked and only for good skiers/boarders. Top two legs of the Zig Zags have decent cover but the corners esp are thin lower down, don't go hammering round the corners, take care!

Coire Cas is offering a good run for early intermediates up but the snow stayed firmer here. M1 RaceTrack is complete via Horizon Road to the 105 from where you can either take a run up the Cas Tow or head down the Gunbarrel or Zig Zags to the Funicular. M1 had lovely loose spring snow and nowhere did the snow get heavy or slushy despite feeling very warm in the Spring Sunshine - that's the beauty of true spring snow.

For tourers see the Touring Reports for a selection of photos showing the condition of the Daylodge / M2 route which is still mostly do-able for skinning up from the Cas Carpark. Please send your photos to pix2007@winterhighland.info .
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