pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 10th April 2007
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Pisting the Ptarmigan Traverse late on Tuesday.

The Fairway vanished in 36hours under the Westerly Hair Dryer.

Upper Ciste Gully looking to fenced links to Ciste T-bar.

Ciste Gully, best snow on the mountain, good spring snow, but only for those with touring kit or prepared to hike back up.

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Dry, warm and settled conditions did little damage to the snow pack over the past couple of weeks, but even with less mild temperatures the strong winds over the past 48hours have taken their toll with the resultant Westerly hair drier effect. The Ciste Fairway all but vanished in 36hours, and a couple of big holes have opened up in the Ciste Bowl.

Ptarmigan Bowl is holding out well and still offers a decent run via the Ptarmigan Traverse, also plenty of space for novices. A couple of funboxes and rails are out in the Bowl, there is 2 large kickers and a spine above the T-bar.

Ptarmigan Tow expected to open on Wednesday but will be assessed in the morning, the strong winds are forecast to ease overnight and with lighter winds the rate of thaw should slow, hopefully also allow a return to night ground frosts.

For those on touring kit the best snow is to be found in the Ciste Gully which is complete to below the corner after Number 1 Gully. Plateau has large areas of snow for high level touring, but some walking is needed to get from the Summit of CairnGorm Mountain to the plateau snow fields. Thanks to H11lly for the photos.
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