pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 23rd November 2013
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At the Traverse / M1 Split, go Lady side of M1 bullwheel and cut across.

T40s idle today in slightly milder temps, but the 2 shifts either side of the mid-week storm got the Zig Zags complete.

Skiers on the 3rd leg of the Zig Zags, good machine made base.

Ski tracks across a snow whale in the bottom of the Gunbarrel, best route to mid-station is through Cas T-bar queuing area.

Lessons available from the Ski School.

You can do your Christmas shopping at the Ptarmigan Christmas Market - now you have no excuse to miss Sunday.

You could ride to the Daylodge with care.

Racing the Funicular to the Base Station on the Home Road! Go carefully...

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The first official day of top to middle riding actually ended up with many riding top to bottom of the Funicular, to take advantage of the mid-Cas, Zig Zags and lower slopes being below the clagg that stuck to CairnGorm all day on Saturday.

The mist and spells of freezing drizzle didn't do much to dampen early season enthusiasm though, and for the most part the top to middle run is fairly decent - just a couple of bits to watch high on the Traverse and as you cross over from the 105 to the Cas. The Zig Zags are pretty good thanks to the snow making spells early and late in the week.

Hopefully more brightness around on Sunday, the forecast data hinted that would be the case yesterday and it's still more promising this evening.

Sunday will be your last chance for a November slide on CairnGorm, it looks like being a mild and windy week so we are likely to be back to the late autumn waiting game after two November weekends of lift served snowsports. So get up Sunday if you can.
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