pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 3rd February 2014
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Looking up the Ciste from below, huge depth under West Wall Chair and down into Gully.

Winter Skills course in the lower Ciste Gully a short distance from the Carpark.

Looking up the Ciste Chair line over the lower Aonach area. Ciste Gully skiable to the diagonal fences at the lower narrows.

Home Road: loaded where new fences, less cover where old fences and thin and scoured where no fences.

Sheiling Tow, Carpark Run now in good shape. The new fences on the Sheiling are higher than b4 and nearly buried.

Burnside burn is filling in... will we get it fully covered this year?

The door to the Ski Club Hut is there somewhere! Had to dig my way into the webcams.

Massive drifted accumulation below the top of the Home Road. Sheiling Gully filled, can continue off White Lady to get full run.

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A selection of photos looking up Coire na Ciste from under the Ciste Chair line and of the lower slopes in Coire Cas. Skinned up to the SSC Hut (serious workout given the strength of downslope wind!) to investigate the problem with the webcams.

Hopefully the Lady and SSC Hut cam will work in the morning, Fiacaill cam and Cas Tow camera remain offline and currently unable to get data from the weather station.

CairnGorm has been StormBound for the past 4 days and it's mid January the top/Ciste was last fully open! Snow softened to around 2800ft today, but by dusk snow was blowing about at mid-station level once again and fresh accumulations are expected overnight.

A huge amount of storm recovery work required to fully open the area and it wont be completed in just a 1 day window. Carpark Tow, Fiacaill Ridge Poma, Cas Tow and Sheiling Trainer Tow were ready to go at nightfall on Monday. M1 Poma and Funicular will require further digging out on Tuesday.

Snow depth in places is already above the peak in 2010, but cover is not as extensive due to the constant blasting by very high winds. Huge depth of cover on the White Lady, Cas, Ciste Gully and West Wall for example.

Ciste Gully complete to below the old Aonach Poma, but not carpark level. Riding to the Ciste Carpark probably doable via the Aonach Ridge and Laogh Mor Return as far as could be seen today.
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