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Glencoe // Saturday 1st February 2014
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Facemask and googles were essential for going up the Plateau Poma with the heavy driving snow.

Gully of the red bike track route, excellent snow, little traffic and good cover to 1400ft. Enough snow to head through the trees at the bottom.

Looking up from outside the Hobbit Houses. Snowed heavily pretty much from before 5am all day.

Single track roads having passing places... use them! Cars have reverse... use it! Several jams through the day because people would not give way to oncoming traffic.

Huge banks of snow and cornices in the mountain river gully under the Access Chair.

Huge expanses of snow under the top half of the Access Chair.

Winchcat digging out Ski Tow Gully in the heavy drifting.

Stack on the deep soft fresh on the Wall! T-bar opened providing access to mid-mountain.

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Those at Glencoe overnight got something of a rude awakening shortly before 5am as a fairly impressive squall line literally rocked the place - certainly the Hobbit Houses, never mind the camper vans and caravans and a couple of tents.

Though the ferocious gusts across the carpark abated fairly quickly, the snow fall certainly didn't and it belted down the whole day. FL fluctuated up and down during the course of the day, and is forecast to be a bit higher on Sunday than most of Saturday. Unfortunately that is also the case for the wind, so check the latest in the morning.

After a delayed start due to the still gusting wind, the initial uplift was the Access Chair and the Plateau Poma, though the Wall opened later. However as the snow continued to fall through the day more and more people took to riding off the Access Run.

Such is the extent of the cover, go anywhere cover pretty much extending to the 1700-1800ft range there was many varied lines being taken. Two that were good on Saturday was directly under the Chair for the top half, then cutting across the black bike track towards the fenced run and picking a line from there.

The cover on the lower third of the fenced Access Run is still thin, but the skier traffic packed the snow down making it fairly easy to ride. Though little visited because of the visibility, a route via the general line of the red bike track had the best cover all the way down. Extensive snow cover to about 1400ft and ample cover for the more gentle run out at the bottom and it was possible to head through the tree section of the bike track.

It was definitely a facemask and goggles sort of day as the driving snow was coming down the lift lines, but that did mean a more pleasant time coming down the way. Over 8-10 inches of fresh snow away from the lowest part of the Access Chair with severe drifting. With more high winds Sunday and Monday there's likely to be more digging out required, but early indications are promising for Tuesday.
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