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Glencoe // Monday 3rd March 2014
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Looking across the Plateau Poma to the Wall from the Access Chair.

Top of the Wall Ski Tow.

Heading round the drive of the Rannoch Button to Mugs Alley.

Looking down on the Top Tow's drives - think about that. Can you spot the Rescue Station!

Sort of vaguely around Thrombosis.

Looking up the Cliffhanger Chair, mind your head crossing under to the Wall T-bar.

Looking down on patrol digging out the Main Basin T-bar drive from the top of the cut in Ski Tow Gully.

Mugs Alley and the top of the Cliffhanger Chair.

Going up the Plateau Poma - mind your head and please don't try and bounce the haul rope!

Going up the Wall T-bar.

Old Mugs Alley gully and fence line mostly out of sight.

Beautiful mostly untouched fresh on the upper Access Run.

Looking down the Canyon!

Top of the Canyon, watch out for huge death cookies that have rolled down the Canyon from the snow mountain.

Plateau Rope Tow on the beginner area. Endless expanse of easy gradients for learners.

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After a stormy Sunday evening the wind fell light in the early hours of Monday and the snow continued, a few inches of light fluffy powdery snow falling straight down.

As dawn arrived the last of the shower clouds parted to give an fantastic bluebird morning on Meall a' Bhuiridh.

The mountain presenting a glistening blank canvas to those waiting for the mid mountain lifts to be dugout from the Sunday evening drifting. With lighter winds on Monday the Main Basin T-bar was ready to go at the end of the day and if the weather behaves overnight it should be open fairly quickly on Tuesday.

So another morning of fresh tracks await on the upper mountain as the few tracks put down by those who hiked or skinned to the top were filling in with the light drifting. Plus the mid-mountain was so fantastic few bothered to go above the running lifts.

Do heed any closures posted and if the top tow isn't running have a chat to patrol about what is what - there was a large avalanche with a 400m long crown wall across the whole bowl that encompasses the Flypaper on Monday, but that is no guarantee there aren't any further instabilities.

Ride anywhere cover extends well below the top of the Access, so be careful not to overshoot if going out wide on the Plateau. Ridable cover extends to around 1550ft, so around 650ft of extra vertical is on offer if your prepared to hike out at the snow line. Best to go far out so at the snow line you can walk down the red bike track, which is an easy walk of about 10mins to the base Cafe.
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