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Glencoe // Saturday 3rd May 2014
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Line down the crest between Main Basin and Happy Valley.

Beware: A few holes appearing right at the bottom of Mugs Alley.

Looking up Mugs Alley / Bunny Run, Thrombosis still flat and fun lines on the Cliffhanger face still possible.

Looking up over the Cliffhanger Chair to the still wide Canyon. Even the 'Bumhole' remains filled flat.

Launching off Buttress Rock in the Flypaper Bowl.

One way to avoid the crevasse high on the Flypaper.

Telemarking on the Spring Run.

East Ridge is littered with gapping cracks - not advisable, this one extends full width of the snow pack.

High on the Spring Run.

Top of the Spring Run, use the Summit Path for maximum vertical.

Skier heads into the bumpy Happy Valley Narrows.

Looking back up Happy Valley to the top of the Main Basin.

Looking up Ski Tow Gully from the still huge expanse of dozed snow.

Loaded Spring Run comes into view as you crest the top on the Access Chair.

Looking down a still deep Ski Tow Gully.

Survived first descent of the Flypaper.

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A bright Saturday with some good Sunny Spells and as promised the showers stayed away until after close of play. Mostly good fast granular spring snow, but some bits of sticker snow where there was still a little bit of recent fresh mixed up in the surface.

Most upper and mid-mountain runs are open giving excellent spring snowsports for confident intermediates upwards. Lots of fun lines on and between the principle runs to explore for more advanced riders, the depth in the Main Basin and Happy Valley is still above the peak of last season (and the classic 2010 season for that matter).

The Main Basin and Happy Valley are a blast for blue cruising, and you can switch between them at various points, bumps are building in Happy Valley, getting progressively bigger as the pitch steepens as you enter the Happy Valley Narrows.

Spring Run and Rannoch Glades (red) are both in great shape, though require a bit of walking along the Summit Ridge to access. Rannoch Glades has great flat spring snow and there are some fun variations on the theme as you near the mid-station level.

The Wall is seeing little use, which means fast flat spring snow. Canyon has bumps building, Thrombosis also though they are mellow here. Still no real sign that Thrombosis is a gully. Mugs Alley and Bunny Run combine to give a route back to the Cliffhanger, but there are a few holes appearing - go carefully.

A 6 to 10minute walk across the Plateau is required from the Top of the Access Chair to the Cliffhanger Chair.
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