pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 19th April 2014
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Ciste Bowl is wide, run out to T-bar still OK. Fairway closed.

Looking up Ciste Tow, almost the whole uptrack is now farmed snow.

Air of the middle kicker in the Ptarmigan Park.

Looking down the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Top of the Ptarmigan Tow from on top of the 1/4 pipe.

Action in the Marquis Well halfpipe.

Landing back in the pipe.

2 ride on easy boxes at the top of the Ptarmigan Park.

Heaven is a halfpipe. Hell is those skis on a powder day!

Flat-down rail in the Ptarmigan Park.

Boarder on one of the large Van's rails.

You wouldn't want to get a ski either side!

White Lady is in fine form once you get onto the run proper, M1 SideTrack approach is rocky.

Coire Cas was quiet and had the best snow of the lift served runs, if you can manage the Ciste Bowl, give the Cas a blast.

Top two legs of the Zig Zags still good to avoid 2/3rds of the Gunbarrel.

Bottom third of the Gunbarrel is as wide and easy as it can be.

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Another bright day with plenty of Sunshine, though a bit hazier than Friday. Sunday should be another cracking day weather wise, snow will start firm and soften off quickly in the Sun to give some great granular spring snow riding.

CairnGorm is still offering a selection of green, blue and red terrain directly off the lifts. If your prepared to do some leg work then the Ciste Gully and West Wall were superb on Saturday (either leave a car in the Ciste Carpark, or much less vertical than skinning all the way back up is to hoof over to the Funicular, via the old track that goes below OverYonder to the corner of the Daylodge Poma). Do remember though that below the Ciste T-bar is unpatrolled and unmarked.

Up top the Ciste and Ptarmigan Bowls are in good shape, the Ptarmigan Bowl area still has total cover, in contrast to the Ciste Fairway which is largely devoid of snow below the Ptarmigan Restaurant. So for a longer green run try the Ciste Bowl and if your comfortable on that, give Coire Cas a shot mid-mountain. It was much quieter on Saturday.

Most of Coire Cas has good cover and the Gunbarrel is still hugely loaded, so it's as wide and flat as it gets. If you must avoid the Gunbarrel the top 2 legs of the Zig Zags are still decent. It's one of those years the Cas is shrinking from the top, get off ramp has been moved 1 tower down. Cas had the best spring snow on Sat.

For more advanced riders the White Lady is great once onto the run proper, but the approach via the M1 SideTrack requires caution. Wide cover back to the mid-station from both the Lady and Cas to pick up the Funicular for return to the top.

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