pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 2nd April 2014
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The Zig Zags have excellent cover, unlike the M1 beyond - far upper left, Lady Luck is the best approach to the White Lady.

Still a huge depth of snow around the Top Station, though bare around the building where dugout by the Cat360.

Second leg of the Zig Zags has full cover, lower 2 legs still good as well. Chicken Gully absolutely loaded.

One has to ask why? Aonach Bowl was the pick of the day and you can get in legitimately!

Mist came and went at the top of the mountain, but away from the very top it was a Sunny afternoon. Polar Express open.

PB600 park bully working on the Ptarmigan Park rebuild - means the park and Ptarmigan Tow will be closed Thursday.

Looking up the Ptarmigan Tow to get an idea of the scale of the kickers.

Ciste Bowl has excellent cover, still wide and deep. Riding quite nicely this afternoon even though soft.

Ciste Gully is wide and deep, not as good as the Aonach Bowl, but surface conditions coming back to us slowly day by day.

Superb, beautiful smooth fast granular spring snow that you could let rip on in the Aonach Bowl.

Huge depth of snow under the West Wall Chair.

Looking down the West Wall Chair, excellent cover on the run into the load station....

...meanwhile the Ryvoan fences becoming a quagmire. Lifties shovelling snow to patch run and uptrack all afternoon!

White Lady has excellent cover, soft snow on top firm granular base, was epic in the morning with spring snow corduroy.

Lower slopes, OK top and bottom, but the Slot is a mess - don't be fooled by the innocent looking puddles, sharks live in them!

Coire Cas Gunbarrel still massively loaded, snow higher than the tow track on 105 side (no it's not tilted, lift towers are vertical)!

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Despite the ongoing very mild conditions, still huge cover on the main natural mid and upper mountain runs. The thaw remains relatively slow, though steady day by day. The snow has been crunching up most nights which is helping the surface conditions and reducing rate of loss.

The pick on Wednesday was the Aonach Bowl, it's possible to access it by cutting up onto the East Wall into No 1 Gully, then straight lining across the Ciste Gully to hold as high a traverse as possible on the West Wall! Alternatively, you could unclip and wander round from the bottom of the Fairway and that would give you a bit more vertical in the Aonach Bowl.

The Ciste Gully and White Lady have excellent cover and the snow there is slowly getting better a little bit day by day after being very heavy and slow on Monday. Coire Cas has had good fast granular spring snow each day for early intermediates upwards and the Traverse is in good shape from the top, as are the Zig Zags to mid mountain.

However the Carpark Run while OK at the top and bottom, was a disaster area through the slot this afternoon. Use the T-bar track if the tow isn't running (it was put off early today), but you can at least still get to the Carpark with planks on.

The Ptarmigan Terrain Park is being rebuilt for the Vans HiStandard Comp on Saturday, thus both it and the Ptarmigan Tow are currently closed. There are some easier features out on Coire Cas and there is a rider cross course on the Fiacaill, access via the Fiacaill Traverse.
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