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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 22nd January 2014
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Boarder puts in a turn on the windblown fresh on Coire Cas.

Taking a shortcut on the Zig Zags! All legs have good cover, Chicken Gully is excellent.

Camera couldn't focus through the blowing snow looking up the White Lady - it's loaded and the track had to be dug out in a couple of spots.

The wind blasted windward slopes contrast with the loaded lee aspects and gullies. However Daylodge up-track is complete! :)

Snowing and blowing at the top of Coire Cas. Freezing level was around top of Gunbarrel, so snow softer below there.

Good cover on the Fiacaill Ridge Poma, contrasts to the Daylodge Poma aspect!

The Cas Gunbarrel is absolutely loaded and flat. Snow is up to the base of the rocks remarking the 105 in places.

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Quite simply it wasn't a day for photography on CairnGorm Mountain, the wind was picking up a bit in the afternoon and squally snow showers and blowing snow reducing visibility.

Though CairnGorm hasn't seen as much actual snow fall as Glenshee and certainly not the West in recent days, there have been substantial gains on the mid and upper mountain due to the extent of drifting of snow off higher Plateau areas to the South of the snowsports area.

The Cas Gunbarrel is wide and flat, the new snow is up to the top of many of the new 6ft fences on the Upper Cas. The White Lady is in superb shape as well. Work on preparing the Top Basin will continue early Thursday morning if weather permits.

Given the wind direction and new accumulations in Coire Cas, the Ciste Gully should have got a shed load of windblown snow - but it was not possible to see up the Gully from below beyond glimpses of the area around the base of the West Wall Poma.

More snow showers and fairly strong winds forecast for Thursday and a very unsettled forecast for the coming days. If you are heading up be sure to check out the latest direct with CairnGorm. If the wind plays ball, then all uplift tracks are now complete including the Daylodge Poma and the Carpark Run is complete for Top to Daylodge riding.
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