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Nevis Range // Thursday 16th January 2014
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Boarders heading for the foot of the Goose via Easy Rider.

Summit Runs were riding nicely on the groomers, bullet proof crust off them though.

Looking up Goose Gully, hard but grippy low down, bit slicker higher up - Sidewinder was more popular for the top part.

Rabbit Run has good cover and width to the Top of the Gondola.

Lower Goose T-bar to the Quad Chair, the Chair runs were popular with softening surfaces and below the cloud.

Didn't get round much of the area due to working on this - hopefully correctly aligned in the mist to look down Spectre!

Skiers in the mist on the upper half of Cats Alley.

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A day of lighter winds and mostly dry on Thursday at Nevis Range, but cloud clung around the tops with only fleeting clearances on the Summit. Which was a bit of a shame as the Summit Runs had pisted up nicely but hardly anyone ventured up the Summit choosing to stay below the cloud on the lower mountain where the initially hard snow softened up a bit during the day.

Off the groomed line the snow had a rock solid crust on the Summit, so high level touring probably will be pretty hard. Goose Gully was hard and a bit slick in places at the top, but further down the snow though still pretty hard become much more grippy and you could turn with confidence that edges would hold.

The Quad Chair and Alpha Runs stayed below the cloud and the snow on the lower slopes did soften up a bit so most of the people up today seemed to be sticking to the lower mountain. Under the Quad Chair has full cover so a huge expanse of snow to play on in-between the fenced runs if things soften up again tomorrow.

As dusk approached snow was falling lightly and there were showers forecast for the evening and overnight, so this might have freshened things up a bit.

Warrens Tow is due to re-open on Friday ahead of the weekend. Linnhe Tow will run at the weekend for access to the Alpha avoiding the walk over from the Top Station.
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