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Glencoe // Friday 14th February 2014
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...but I only parked for like 5 minutes!

Skier heads down the Access Run on Friday morning.

Entrance to the Ski Patrol Rescue Station at the foot of the Main Basin T-bar.

Busy Access Run - lots of lines being explored on the top 2/3rds.

Drive terminals of the Top Tows - Rescue Station should be in this photo (engine room of button just visible foreground).

Skiers pause at the top of the final steeper fall-line pitch of the Access Run. Small bumps forming along fence line!

Snow started falling during the afternoon, by close it was absolutely belting down in the Carpark.

Digging for WiFi at the Rescue Station - antenna above snow at close, what about the morning.

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Clear to the top at dawn after overnight showers had cleared, but the next weather system was coming in a bit quicker than progged last night and the leading cloud came in during the morning with snow starting to fall on and off in the afternoon. Later in the day heavy snow set in and has continued this evening.

A brief temperature spike in the early hours before the last of the showers past through gave some rain upto around 2500ft, there was initially a band of breakable crust part way down the Access Chair, but this softened up and was quickly skied into submission near the chair and the fences.

Not many photos from today due to afternoon visibility and a good portion of the day being spent practically under the snow trying to get the WiFi working again at the Rescue Station and digging out more snow from infront of the SSC hut cam.

The volume of snow on the mountain is simply astonishing now and over the next few days it's set to grow further, though Sunday is looking fairly promising and at this stage it looks like less wind than off late next week.

Skiable to the top of the carpark via the Access Run, the ride anywhere cover extends a good bit below the top of the Access Chair and there are lots of lines to explore above about 1600feet - below there the cover is fine down the fence line till about 3/4 of the way down. Skier packed snow with small bumps forming on the steeper pitch near the fence. Bottom 1/4 of the low level Access Run got trashed on Friday by the sheer numbers riding all over the front below the Plateau - but heavy and drifting snow should improve this tonight, however it will probably be best to exit skies left through 1 of the gaps to the upper carpark than try and force your way down the last 100 yards or so to the Access Chair base!
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