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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 27th February 2014
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Looking down on the Zig Zags from the top of the Fiacaill Ridge Poma.

View up the Ciste Gully from the carpark, looks to be skiable via Aonach Ridge though surface conditions could be anything!

Second leg of the Zig Zags, huge amount of snow accumulated across this area of the mid-mountain.

Looking up Chicken Gully, nice loose fresh on a grippy base here.

Currently redundant T40 fan gun at the corner of the 2nd/3rd Zig Zag.

Looking down the lower bit of Chicken Gully to the Fiacaill Pumphouse.

Cas uptrack through the Gunbarrel - don't try to ride the bank going up the tow, someone pulled the rope of 3 towers!

Remember how the ground drops away from the base of the M1 Poma towards the middle station...

Looking up the Cas Gunbarrel, snow is above the 105 in places!

Snow shower coming in the Upper Cas.

View up the White Lady from just outside the SSC Hut. Fresh tracks for those prepared to hike, but icy at the very top.

Looking down towards the Cas queuing area and the Sheiling Tow which has good cover both sides.

Looking up CairnGorm Mountain from the lower slopes.

Top of Burnside and Cottam's Way, all possible routes on the lower slopes in good shape.

Some of the afternoon snow showers were pretty sharp and squally - looking up the middle of the Cas.

Sport the skier riding the Fiacaill Ridge Poma?

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The afternoon bounced around between bright Sunshine from largely blue skies overhead to sharp squally snow showers in which the wind ratcheted up a notch and the blowing / falling snow seriously reduced visibility.

The fresh snow on the lower mountain was reportedly quite sticky earlier, but later the temperature was dropping and the lower slopes got noticeably quicker. Mid mountain the new snow was lovely dry loose snow and the Cas runs were great. Chicken Gully was largely being ignored but had nice turns.

A particularly popular line was down across the Fiacaill Sideslope through Jean's Bowl onto the Carpark Run at the base of the Sheiling Tow. A less travelled line but one which gave really sweet turns was under the funicular at the mid-station down the bottom of the White Lady, across the Home Road and down Sheiling Gully.

Further up the mountain surface conditions are variable, the base is firm to hardpacked and alternates between grippy and rather icy in places, the top of the Lady was reported to be scoured and slick, but once over the crest it had a nice layer of fresh.

Wind should moderate overnight but there will have been further drifting through the evening so some exploring on Friday morning is likely to be rewarded and don't necessarily expect the best turns to be had in the same place as Thursday! At dusk the carpark and bits of the road were getting icy, so take care in the morning - looks like there could be quite a widespread frost tonight.
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