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Harwood // Sunday 14th September 2014
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Yad Moss Clubhouse at the base of the Poma, just the other side of the County boundary.

Fitting a refurbished cross arm to the Yad Moss Poma.

Parts of the Harwood ski tows loaded on a flat-bed truck to Lowther Hill.

Engine for the Rope Tow.

Removing metal from the flattened drive shed.

The last every photo taken out of a Harwood engine shed!

A final picnic at the site of the former Harwood club hut.

Looking down the gully at Harwood.

View down the formerly fenced run at Harwood.

Demolishing one of the two old engine sheds.

Engine on skids pulled out of the engine shed prior to demolishing the shed.

Looking up the former up track of the last operating rope tow at Harwood.

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The second combined weekend work party with folk from Lowther Hills Ski Club and the Harwood Ski Federation at Harwood, where work to dismantle the main rope tow for transport it to Lowther Hill in Southern Scotland was completed.

Most of the 600m rope tow's towers and rope were taken down last weekend and transported to Leadhills. Today the work involved splitting the engine from the drive wheels, removing both from the old engine shed and taking them down the hill to a waiting flat-bed truck, prior to demolishing the engine shed of the tow along with the second engine shed of the second main rope tow that hasn't run for number of years.

No doubt a sad and somewhat emotional day for the members of Harwood, seeing their club field vanish from the hillside, tempered to some extent by the imminent rebirth of the 600m rope tow as an 800m rope tow on Lowther Hill above the two highest villages in Scotland, Wanlockhead and Leadhills on the border of South Lanarkshire and Dumfries and Galloway.

It's not an end of lift served snowsports in the immediate area, Yad Moss is just a mile or so along the road on the other side of the county boundary. A big thank you to all who helped out both weekends.
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