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Nevis Range // Tuesday 14th January 2014
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Quad Chair runs in great shape, ride anywhere. Great cruisey blues off the chair.

Skiers on the upper Summit Runs, total cover across the upper mountain. Great pisted dry snow on the Summit.

High cloud coming in gives an unusual light over CMD and the Ben.

Top of the Summit Tow from outside the Patrol Hut - pop in to find out the latest about the Back Corries.

Loads of snow, somewhere under that white antenna is a building. Top of Goose / Summit Tow Drive.

Looking up Easy Rider from the Goose Tow to the top of the Quad. Lovely groomed snow down here.

All the traverses to/from the lower Goose are absolutely loaded.

Boarder heads for Sidewinder from the Summit Run round the top of the Goose T-bar.

A big white expanse, far out on lower Warrens looking over to the Goose T-bar. East Goose and Warrens one.

Top of the Rabbit Run looking over the Goose T-bar to the Quad.

Looking down the Rabbit Run, in great shape to the Top of the Gondola.

One of three park boxes on the lower Rabbit Run.

Wide dancefloor box just above the final approach to the Restaurant.

Alpha in great shape, uptrack nice and flat thanks to the deep cover.

Goose Gully in great shape and catching windblown fresh later in the day.

Spent a good chunk of the afternoon chipping away at tons of ice to free a webcam cable at the Ski Patrol Summit Hut!

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Nevis Range is loaded and Tuesday was a great day to get out and enjoy it. Sadly Wednesday isn't promising weather wise, but things are looking up for later in the week.

Keep an eye on the reports and the forecasts, Nevis Range are planning to run their 'Ride for the price of a Gondola Ticket' promo this Sunday, let's hope the weather plays ball this time. That means an Adult full area day ticket will be just £11.50 on Sunday.

Some runs had deeper windblown fresh and most had a nice covering of new snow from overnight showers, though there were the occasional harder patch mostly on the more open / exposed areas. No such worries in Goose Gully that was catching more fresh as the wind started to drift the snow over the Summit later in the day.

The Summit down the Goose, from Sidewinder over Goose Gully, the East Goose to Warrens and across Warren's Tow to the Flight is just one huge expanse of white. Goose Gully is loaded all the way down (and well down the Allt Sneachda too).

For those looking for curisey blue runs, the Quad Chair has total cover below with the individual runs rather meaningless on Tuesday.

All the runs back to the Top of the Gondola are in great shape. Over the back is plastered too. Conditions will change with a thaw/freeze cycle on Wednesday, check with patrol for the latest on the Back Corries - but fresh snow is forecast for the end of the week.
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