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Glencoe // Saturday 11th January 2014
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The Wall and T-bar from end of Old Mugs Alley before the T-bar broke!

Looking along the Summit Ridge towards the Spring Run from top of the Main Basin T-bar.

Top of the Main Basin T-bar looking out over the moor.

Foot of the Plateau Poma, excellent cover on the Plateau to top of Access Chair.

Plateau Poma run is loaded, lots of wide lines on offer across the Plateau.

Looking up Old Mugs Alley past the Glencoe Ski Club Hut, Cliffhanger to right of photo.

Main Basin and Happy Valley mostly one on the upper mountain!

Main Basin was catching lovely windblown fresh snow during Saturday.

Exceptional cover on the mid mountain for early January.

Some of the park features laid out on the High Road below Thrombosis.

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A mix of sunny spells and further snow showers adding to the windblown fresh accumulating in the natural snowfields of the upper mountain during Saturday.

Meall a' Bhuiridh is absolutely loaded and despite a milder period prior to the end of the week there is still excellent cover to the top of the Access Chair with virtually complete cover across the mountain with many runs merging together. With the freeze thaw cycling it's now a well consolidated base across the mountain.

The Main Basin was reported to be the pick of the day though the Spring Run was pretty popular also. There's been a few inches of new snow in the past 24 hours and that has freshened things up nicely, though with the gusty wind there is not a uniform cover of fresh. Some runs have accumulated deeper windblown fresh while there are other areas of firmer to hard packed snow.

The not so good news is that the Wall T-bar drive failed at lunchtime and will be out of action for a number of days at least and joins the Top Button on the sick list. So unfortunately uplift capacity will be quite limited on Sunday, just the Cliffhanger mid mountain and Main Basin T-bar at the top, which obviously makes access to the top more susceptible to wind.

Nevis Range is offering snowsports for the price of a Gondola ticket on Sunday, so that may encourage people up the road leaving Glencoe quieter than it might otherwise have been and during the week there wont be any issues with uplift capacity.
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