pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 28th January 2014
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With all the new snow and severe drifting comes the inevitable HIGH avalanche risk - stay safe!

Lower mountain hugely improved since Saturday, all options on the Carpark Run good easy riding.

Can you make out the top leg of the Zig Zag - snow up to near top of fence both sides (that's a huge depth below fence)!

Beginner group learning the basics outside the Daylodge.

Cas Gunbarrel is absolutely loaded. Have checked 17 Feb , 28 Feb, 17 March 2010 - none had snow as deep at that lift tower!

Shoveling before starting on the webcams at the SSC Hut. Even had to shovel a drift in the hut out a fire exit!

Looking up the Funicular track, you can see where it was buried. M1 SideTrack deep powder - didn't get above SSC Hut though!

Can you spot the Zig Zag fences through the heavy afternoon snow.

Top Station (photo by WindyMiller).

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It snowed throughout Tuesday and in the afternoon fairly heavily for a good chunk of it, and with light winds. This gave a nice top up of fluffy powder and when the M1 Poma opened, there was some fantastic fresh tracks on the White Lady and M1 SideTrack.

Not many photos as today was mainly about getting the SSC Hut webcams back online. The original balcony camera that has looked over the balcony since October 2007 was retired today, for a higher resolution camera. As well as better lighting and sharper images, that means there are now larger webcam photos available for the three cams in the SSC Hut. Go to the cam page and click on the images to load a larger one.

One thing, from the first few shovels into the drifts and mini cornice at the SSC Hut - take heed of that 'Danger - HIGH Avalanche Risk' banner! Between shovel loads at the door an adjacent 2m wide and about 50cm deep chunk spontaneously slide off, measured the angle of what was left behind and it was only around 29 - 31degrees.

In terms of conditions one thing to say is there has been a massive improvement in the lower slopes since Saturday, all options of the Carpark Run are now good. One other thing as alluded to in the photo captions - snow depth on the Cas uptrack through the mid Gunbarrel is deeper than during the 2010 season!! Obviously a very different season in terms of the weather pattern and we need less wind and more variation in snow bearing wind to repeat the incredible all over cover of that year.

There are lots more photos from WindyMiller from today in the Public Reports.
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