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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 1st March 2014
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Looking down the West Wall Poma to the lower Aonach and Ciste Carpark beyond.

Absolutely loaded Ciste Gully and the afternoon wind was loading ever more fresh snow this direction.

Aonach Ridge fence line - complete lines to Ciste Carpark, but no idea what the conditions are like (possibly neve like in places).

Looking over the Aonach Bowl from OverYonder, nice windblown loose accumulating once into the bowl proper.

Heading up the Daylodge Poma, run full width between the fences, but nothing outwith them.

Looking over the West Wall Chair Run from the Poma, bit scoured right at the crest then fantastic snow.

Ciste Fairway, wind seemed to scare people away from the Top Basin quite early!

Looking over the Ptarmigan Bowl. Guess that tower was so tall for a reason, can we jack the cross arms up!

Loaded Ciste Gully and West Wall, drifting snow coming over the crest onto the West Wall and into the Gully.

Piste sign outside the Top Station partly dug out (again).

Wide dancefloor box in the Sheiling Shred. Two boxes and a small kicker.

Looking up the Cas Gunbarrel from just below mid-station level.

Gunbarrel towards the Zig Zags from mid-station. The rubble to the right of the T-bar is snow removed from the Gunbarrel.

White Lady was fantastic with windblown fresh and micro bumps starting to form in the afternoon.

Elephant fence and the Funicular track, looking down the upper White Lady.

Lot of drifting at the tunnel mouth with SE gales and snow forecast overnight - could be a lot of digging in the morning.

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A largely bright day with a few snow showers coming quickly through. Though plenty of blue sky later in the afternoon the wind was picking up steadily with a lot of ground drifting ahead of a spell of SE gales and further snow fall overnight.

During the afternoon the wind was blowing loose powdery snow into the Ciste Gully which was the standout run of the day for more advanced riders. The White Lady was also catching a nice top of windblown fresh and 3/4 of it was fantastic, but there were some scoured areas exposing the now hardpacked base on the exposed top approaches to the main White Lady proper. Downslope of the Lady Luck fence line was catching fresh, but this may shift with changing wind direction overnight into Sunday.

Good cover on all lower runs so top to Daylodge riding via all routes. Cottom's Way and the extra links between the various options on the Carpark Run is helping to spread people out on the lower slopes, Burnside is now usually the quietest way rather than carnage alley!

If you usually go via the Zig Zags there will never be a better time to try out the Cas Gunbarrel, it's not just flat, or full, but positively overflowing.

Thanks to WindyMiller for some of the photos, there are a lot more in the Public Reports.
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