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Glencoe // Monday 13th January 2014
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Happy Valley improved further overnight with a decent covering of fresh snow across the run.

Looking up the Cliffy to the Canyon from the end of Old Mugs Alley.

Snowing again at Glencoe in the afternoon, fairly steadily so there should be more fresh with deeper drifts.

The Plateau Poma Run is absolutely loaded, can go just about anywhere on the Plateau.

Looking up to the SPring Run from the Plateau Poma. Spring Run good, but areas towards Rannoch Glades scoured to hard.

Looking down Ski Tow Gully, can you see the Rescue Station?

Looking up Ski Tow Gully, quite incredible depth of snow here, let alone January - down bars just about dragging in the snow here!

Going up the Cliffhanger Chair, you need to keep your tips or they will catch in the snow !

The runout from Old Mugs Alley to the Cliffhanger Chair. These new fences have really helped hold a lot more snow here.

View down Old Mugs Alley, superb ego enhancing snow for early intermediates.

The snow on the off-ramp off the Main Basin T-bar is getting so deep it was interfering with the WiFi signal for the webcams - antenna had to be raised!

Mind your head (and things lower down too) passing under the Cliffhanger Chair. Skis are only inches above the snow for a good chunk of the steeper climb!

View down the Canyon, sidewall for some contrast in the afternoon snow. Catching fresh for past 2 days, superb.

Looking up from the top of the Access Chair, Meall a' Bhuiridh is absolutely plastered.

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After the manic Sunday it was all rather tranquel on the slopes at Glencoe on Monday, not a bad weekday turnout for mid January but not a queue in sight and some simply fantastic riding on offer.

It snowed again last night before skies cleared to give a fine morning with some Sunny spells, this with the accumulations of windblown fresh meant numerous runs have continued to improve and there are some much deeper accumulations of windblown fresh in the likes of the Canyon which was fantastic on Monday.

With the wind on Sunday and the firm to hard base it's not all over powder, some aspects and exposed bits are wind scoured. It's worth exploring about to find the best stashes and they may not be in the same place as Monday! Happy Valley on Sunday started hard and icy, but ended the day giving really nice riding on windblown fresh!

Snow set in during the afternoon, a band of hill snow has cleared through to showers as off 8pm Monday, but showers are continuing to come through giving a further top up.

These are forecast to have cleared by dawn to give a dry day with good Sunny Spells and light winds on Tuesday under a ridge of high pressure. There's been some great days in this exceptional start to the season at Glencoe, Tuesday will be another of them.

Nevis has also received a fair bit of fresh snow over the past days. If you had plans for Tuesday that involved something other than riding the West, change them!
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