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Glencoe // Tuesday 15th April 2014
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Checking the goretex trousers for the short hoof back to the Access Chair!

Short ride on flat box situated on the High Road.

Unusual view of Ski Tow Gully, would normally need a jetpack for this view.

The top of the Canyon is under that somewhere!

Runout from Flypaper and East Ridge - all still connects together on snow.

Beware 'crevasses' opening up on the East Ridge - those on the Flypaper are marked by poles.

Laying out a spring snow turn on the East Ridge.

Setting off for some turns on the East Ridge of Meall a' Bhuiridh.

Immediate skiers right of the Wall Tow was smooth spring snow with hardly any use.

Looking down the East Ridge, longer run if your prepared to hoof back up a bit to get over the col to the lifts.

Jamie laying out some turns on the Spring Run - its been fantastic the last couple of days.

The bulging runout from Rannoch Glades onto the upper leg of Mugs Alley.

Ski Bikes amongst a sea of skis and boards at the foot of Mugs Alley at lunchtime.

Time for tea outside the now visible Rescue Station.

Jamie making tracks for the Flypaper mid morning - wait till the snow is softening, speak to patrol for the latest.

Going up the Main Basin T-bar, upper Main Basin and Happy Valley is one enormous snow field.

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Glencoe served up another fantastic day of spring riding under the mid-April Sun on Tuesday. Looks like it should stay dry on Wednesday, but the wind will be stronger so please check the latest in the morning.

That said if the wind behaves, another good day of spring riding should be on offer. Beyond the Plateau Meall a' Bhuiridh is in simply fantastic shape with a still incredible depth of snow on much of the front of the mountain.

Once the snow loosened up everything on the upper and mid-mountain was a blast. The Main Basin is one huge expanse of snow, still merged together with upper Happy Valley and even the Haggis Trap area is just a continuation of the wide motorway.

If you want steep the Flypaper was great until about 3pm when it started to get a bit crusty. At the same time the Rock Garden started to crunch up and it got better as the snow got even faster for the last couple of runs.

Difficult to really pick a run of the day, the smooth spring snow right under the Cliffhanger Chair might just steal it - but mind your head here!

Mugs Alley is wide and in good shape for early intermediates up, for more confident intermediates the Main Basin and Happy Valley are excellent. For more advanced riders, once the snow loosens up to granular spring snow, the entire front of the mountain is your playground.

Plateau Poma uptrack was still ok for access on Tuesday, but return to the Access Chair at the end of the day involves a few minutes walk from the end of Old Mugs Alley (by the beginner rope tow).
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