pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 7th February 2014
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Moody light illuminates the huge drifts across the White Lady from the Base Station.

Slush Gully below the Carpark Tow has filled in a good way down. Remember there's a mountain river underneath though!

Going up the Fiacaill Ridge Poma, layer of loose fresh snow on top.

Coroner of the top Zig Zag, lots of tracks out of moderate powder in the Cas Boulderfield.

Sunlit tracks on the East Lady from the afternoon shadows on the Zig Zags.

Skiers crossing the Cas Tow track into the completely brimming Gunbarrel.

This was the run previously known as Chicken Gully!

Looking up the Gunbarrel - there is a snow fence on top of a bank to the right of the uptrack!

Cornice outside the SSC Hut...

...meanwhile round the other end, the floodlight shows where door to the webcams is!

Fresh tracks on the East Lady and wee packed powder bumps were forming on the Lady by the end of the day.

View up the Slot. No access to M1 Poma from White Lady, use Home Road or Sheiling Gully over to Slot and then FRP or Funicular.

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The wind fell away and gradually the hill mist lifted and parted and the Sun came out for a truly fantastic afternoon on CairnGorm Mountain.

It was busy for a Friday, the Cas Carparks were full and the shuttle buses were running from Coire na Ciste - but after so many stormy days this is what everyone had been waiting for!

There is not yet quite the all over cover of the peak of winter 2010, due to the persistent storminess but the flip side of that is that in places the snow cover is phenomenal! The Cas Gunbarrel is absolutely brimming, from Chicken Gully to the 105 it's flat.

Changing wind direction in the last few days has moved quite a bit of snow onto the East Lady and there was plenty of fresh tracks getting laid down out here once uplift opened to the top.

Mix of machine packed powdery snow, skier tracked and packed fresh snow above mid-station, while the lower slopes are firmpacked with a sugary layer on top. Fresh snow expected overnight, but also further drifting.

Funicular, M1 Poma, Cas Tow, and all lower tows including Daylodge Poma open in the afternoon. Check the latest in the morning, given strong winds and snow forecast overnight.
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