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Glencoe // Thursday 24th April 2014
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Spring and Rannoch Glades looking fantastic in the late April Sunshine.

Wall catches some rays late on Thursday afternoon. Everything still links together OK mid-mountain.

Skier high above Rannoch Moor on the Spring Run.

Short break on the ski round to the Spring Run, use Summit Path to get the maximum vertical.

Looking over the still huge expanse of the Main Basin from the Rock Garden.

Skier in the Main Basin.

View up Happy Valley from just above the narrows in the shallow gully.

Top of the Main Basin.

Turns with a view, Ben Nevis towers over the background from the Main Basin.

Smallish bumps and fast granular spring snow in the Canyon.

Mugs Alley has a few narrow bits now, but still a decent depth. Bunny Run / High Road still wide.

Some lunchtime April showers cleared away to give a lovely afternoon.

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Overnight frontal rain cleared away quickly to lift the murk of yesterday, in it's place bright Sunny Spells which kicked off a couple of April Showers around lunchtime. These fizzled out to give a fine afternoon, with great turns to be had on lovely fast granular spring snow.

Friday is looking good, just an outside chance of a shower in the middle part of the day, but may well stay dry. Should be some good Sunny Spells again also. Once again with light winds, the surface conditions should be great with fast granular spring snow.

There's still heaps of snow on the main natural runs on the mid and upper mountain. Spring Run is very wide, the Main Basin simply loaded and the depth of snow on Happy Valley is still around 1.5m above the peak of the 2013 season, which wasn't exactly bad!

On the mid mountain, there's still no evidence that Thrombosis is a gully and the Canyon is pretty mellow with small bumps and fast spring snow. The Wall is smoother and good for steeper turns.

Get up and play while you can, the snow is great just now and remember summer is long is enough!
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