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CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 28th March 2014
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Berm on the banked slalom course for Saturday's race on the Fiacaill.

Overview of the White Lady from the Carpark Run, excellent riding Friday.

Sheiling portion of the Lower Slopes, left track still full cover.

Looking up a still crazily loaded Coire Cas Gunbarrel.

View down the White Lady to the Carpark Run below.

Boarder on the White Lady, good Spring Snow in Jean's Bowl beyond off the Fiacaill Ridge.

Looking down the Ciste Fairway from just above the crossover to Lady Luck.

Rail, pipe and tyre jib in the Ptarmigan Park. Large kickers and advanced features here. More mellow features in Coire Cas.

The Polar Express Poma, hangers removed for digging out (not enough clearance under rope at present).

View up the Ciste Gully, superb today, but walk out required and a bit boggy in places lower down.

Boarder on the Cas T-bar at the Gunbarrel crossover from the Zig Zags to M1 Poma.

Top of the Ciste T-bar looking up to the Ptarmigan Traverse.

M1 Poma, notice narrow trench for crossing under the Funicular from Lady - but better to go to mid-station and grab another lift.

View up the Carpark Run from the base of the T-bar. Decent cover for returning to the bottom.

Berms from one of the rollers in the Cas Shread located in the Cas Boulderfield.

View down the Traverse into Coire Cas.

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The early hill fog burnt back and the clouds parted to give a fantastic, bright Sunny afternoon on Friday. With little change in the current weather pattern over the coming days, the extent or otherwise of cloud cover will remain a bit hit and miss.

There is still good top to Daylodge riding on offer and the cover on the principle natural mid and upper mountain runs remains fantastic. With depths in places still a good bit ahead of the 2010 peak, this year the stormy spells mean the snow is much more focused in the gullies and natural snow fields.

Granular snow on the lower slopes, and dropping of the Fiacaill Side Slope through Jean's Bowl gave lovely spring snow on Friday afternoon. Can also ski to the Carpark this way by following a line to skiers left of the Ridge Poma.

Up top the snow was still pretty fresh on Friday, this will soften on Saturday afternoon as the freezing level rises. The fresher snow will get sticky for a time, so surface conditions likely to be better on the lower and mid-mountain once the temperature rises.

For more advanced riders the White Lady was fantastic on Friday, but the Ciste Gully was reportedly even better. It's hoped the West Wall Poma will re-open during Saturday after being out of action since Wednesday afternoon. If it doesn't run, it's about a 20min walk out to the Ciste Carpark if shuttle buses are required.

There is an advanced park with large kickers and various rails and jibs in the Ptarmigan Park. For park novices the Cas Shred offers a couple of berms and gentle roller, 2 ride on wide boxes and small kicker situated in the Cas Boulderfield. There is also a rider cross course on the Fiacaill (will be used for the banked slalom race on Sat).
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