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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 1st January 2014
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Carpark Tow opened at lunchtime, the first and only tow to run so far in 2014!

Looking up from the foot of the Carpark Run.

H11lly (Helen) gets her first ski of 2014 in on the White Lady.

Brightening up at lunchtime, at the top of the Burnside / Carpark Run split.

Sheiling Gully, now passable with deep windblown fresh below the Home Road - allows full length of Lady to be skied.

Head back out into the whiteness for another go at the Top Station.

Ski class gets some advice on the Sheiling. Drifting snow much improved cover right at mid-station.

Looking down the Sheiling portion of the lower slopes, improving with fresh and windblown snow.

Outside the Top Station - the run status board provides a contrast to the all engulfing whiteness.

Looking down the White Lady, can ride the full length and cross the Home Road down Sheiling Gully.

New Elephant Fence doing it's thing, also nice line of fresh down the burn gully skiers right of Lady on Wednesday.

Boarder geting one on one tuition heads down the inside of Burnside.

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A few New Year's cobwebs blown away today on CairnGorm Mountain!

Unlike Hogmanay, snow fell to below the Daylodge through the day and though it was blowing about and reducing visibility at the top at times, there was decent Top Station to Daylodge riding thanks to the Funicular. With good sport across green, blue and red terrain there is plenty for all even if uplift is restricted to just the Funicular.

The White Lady was a blast for more advanced riders, catching windblown fresh. It's possible to ride the full length of the Lady by crossing the Home Road down through Sheiling Gully and back onto Carpark Run at the Slot. Home Road itself is not skiable below here.

The Traverse, Upper Cas and Zig Zags provided a long green top to middle. Gunbarrel is fairly flat and with lovely fresh snow today made it easy for early intermediates. The lower slopes freshened up during the day, best option is the new fenced route though Burnside has improved again.

You can take the top section of Burnside and cut into the wider open slope at the bottom of the new alignment just above the upper Daylodge Bridge. Opportunity for air here, saw a 360 chucked by a boarder - but make sure the landing path is and will remain clear!

If by some miracle the wind allows more uplift, the Daylodge and West Wall Pomas are ready to go and the Ciste Gully is complete to well below the boardwalk level and the West Wall Chair Run looked promising from the glimpses that could be got on New Years Day. Strong winds forecast Thursday and Friday, but more promising for the weekend at time of update on Wednesday evening.
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