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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 19th February 2014
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Bottom of the Sheiling Tow area at night. Lower slopes all in great shape.

Looking down from the mid-station level, nice soft snow all evening on the lower slopes.

While the Daylodge Poma was basking in late afternoon Sun, different climate zone at the top.

Looking over the Sheiling and Carpark Tows at dusk.

One novice box out in the Sheiling Shred area.

Base Station lights glowing, Funicular providing uplift to the mid-station through the evening.

Last of the daylight fading away around 6pm.

Daylodge Glades was a blast in the afternoon Sun.

Top in cloud, much of Coire Cas already in shadow, but the Daylodge was still Sunny late in the afternoon.

Boarders just below the corner of the Daylodge Poma. Lovely soft surface.

Looking up the M2 from the top of the Daylodge Poma.

Looking up the Fiacaill Ridge Poma from the top of the lower Cas car park.

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A fairly Sunny Wednesday with light winds in the morning, but they freshened up during the afternoon with some drifting of the loose snow. By the end of the floodlit session on the lower slopes the SE wind was really getting up.

Snow softened up on Tuesday, which with an overnight frost meant things started firm to hard on Wednesday, but loosened up on a good range of terrain. One thing that stayed solid was the White Lady, initially firm and grippy, but it got a bit slicker later and as the snow started to drift the surface conditions became very variable with drifted windblown loose snow one turn and hardpack the next!

Daylodge run and the adjacent Daylodge Glades were fantastic in the late afternoon Sun, lovely soft snow and still catching some rays as the shadows stretched across Coire Cas.

Snow on the lower slopes was very easy going, nice soft but quick snow that gave excellent turns right through the evening session under the lights. On the lower slopes this year because of the forecast and the fact the Ptarmigan Tow is not yet operating - but hopefully will be soon. Uplift for the night riding was provided by the Carpark Tow, Funicular (to middle) and the Sheiling Trainer Tow.

Very popular as ever and a fun vibe on the mountain with a mix of those who'd been up earlier, those who turned up, people on holiday and season ticket holders taking the opportunity for a couple of hours sliding after work.

Unfortunately back to an unsettled run of weather over the next few days with fairly high winds forecast - keep up with the latest forecasts and check the reports AM.

There are more photos from the daytime from Graeme in the Public Reports.
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