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Glencoe // Sunday 27th April 2014
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End of another glorious day's Spring fun. Get up this week, don't miss out.

Flying down from Creag Dhu late in the afternoon.

Various fun lines still to be had on the face beside / under the Cliffhanger Chairlift.

Heading for the Main Basin T-bar.

Ripping a line out of Little Rannoch.

A leap of faith on the Spring Run (it's marked with warning poles).

Options a long hike away...

Skier 'in' the Haggis Trap on the Main Basin.

The Main Basin and T-bar. Huge cover still.

Skier on Rannoch Glades.

Setting off on the Spring Run.

High above the moor on the Spring Run.

Making tracks for the Spring Run from top of the Main Basin T-bar.

View up Ski Tow Gully from the mid-mountain area.

Cut back to the Main Basin T-bar from Rannoch Glades.

Looking up mid-mountain, still loads of fine lines. Wall was fantastic smooth spring snow.

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Early morning mist gradually lifted and then burnt off by late morning to give an absolutely stunning afternoon of Spring Riding in the end of April Sunshine.

Though the snow was soft in places it was fast granular spring snow, the Spring Run was particularly popular. Other picks where off Rannoch Glades and round to beside the Cliffhanger Chair, one of the best runs was the Wall out via the Wall Crossover to the Cliffy. Smooth fast spring snow that was seeing little traffic on Sunday.

The main natural runs mid-mountain and the upper mountain still has huge depths of snow. The Main Basin is a huge expanse of snow and though you can now identify where the Haggis Trap should be it's still a wide flat motorway.

If you want some bumps, Thrombosis has some mellow small bumps, as does Happy Valley with them building a bit in the narrows. Snow depth in the Main Basin and Happy Valley still way ahead of the 2013 peak and it was not a bad season!

Mugs Alley / Bunny Run provide an easier run off the Cliffhanger Chairlift for confident snowplough turners upwards.

Glencoe is open daily through to and including Monday 5th May, don't miss out, there's still fantastic riding to be had.
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