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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 4th January 2014
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Fence depth complete cover across top of M1 / Traverse. Nice pisted dry snow.

Top of Traverse is banked out and wide. Already over the fences for more than half the way.

Busy at the top of the M1 Poma, great sport on the mid-mountain today.

Looking down the top of the Ptarmigan Tow to base of Ciste Fairway. Fenced runs contrast with scoured exposed slopes.

Looking over the Ski School kidzone to the Ptarmigan Restaurant.

Snow has drifted in to the top of the Fences on the Ciste Fairway.

Zig Zags in good shape, huge cover between top two legs and from Cas Boulderfield onto top leg.

Huge accumulations of drifted snow below the upper leg of the Zig Zags.

White Lady was giving fantastic riding all day - though approach by M1 SideTrack was getting polished on the crest.

Coire Cas in good shape, new fences helping widen cover out over bounder field.

The effects of drifting, that's a 6ft fence on top of a bank by the tow - lift tower over half buried!

Cas Gunbarrel has improvded depth and width after Friday's storm, in good shape.

Lower Slopes have a good width generally, but are thin in places - so look out for stones and the odd rock sticking out.

Heading towards the Slot past the bottom of the Sheiling Tow.

Looking over the Gunbarrel from M1 Queue at dusk, time for one more!

Preparing to set off for the last run of the day from the Top Station after 4pm as night falls on the 'Gorm.

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Another busy weekend day as the Christmas Holiday period draws to a close, but a lot less hectic than last Sunday with people spread more evenly around the mountain helping a bit in that regard.

If you are planning to head up on Sunday, be there for first lift to make the most of the day as another big storm is forecast to roll in later. First Funicular up is scheduled for 9am, but if the weather stays benign tonight it's hoped some of the tows will come on a bit earlier than that.

Up top the surface conditions were generally excellent, though the odd polished / scrapped patch appeared in high traffic areas, noticeably in the Ptarmigan Bowl and on the upper M1 SideTrack where it steepens just above the cut off to the White Lady under the Funicular.

Once on the White Lady proper it was fantastic all day long, great riding for the more experienced skiers and boarders. Best way to get the full length today was cross the Home Road, then drop a short distance into Sheiling Gully then follow the obvious wide drifted accumulation to the left and cross the Sheiling Tow track onto the Carpark Runs. Later in the day doing this using the Funicular can often be the best option.

Coire Cas is in similarly great shape for those looking for gentler run. The Gunbarrel was easy going today, it's flat and widened out a bit more after Friday's storm. There is lots of cover for alternative lines between the Gunbarrel, Zig Zags and Chicken Gully.

There is a horrific almost impenetrable ice crust between 1800 and 2300ft off the pisted areas, but above this such as around the Zig Zags and in Sheiling Gully the unpisted snow was windpacked, quite firm but grippy giving nice turns. Hope no-one setting off for a tour gave up a few minutes from the car, because things improved suddenly with altitude and the pisted paths through this zone were fine.
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