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Glencoe // Friday 18th April 2014
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Flypaper far left, Spring Run centre and Rannoch Glades to right, Mugs Alley loops round Thrombosis in the foreground.

The Wall and Wall T-bar from outside the Plateau Cafe.

Sledging near the Plateau Cafe where there is 60 ski bobs to play with (no charge for sledges).

Looking up to the Canyon and Wall Crossover.

PB600 Winchcat sits by the Cliffhanger Chair drive.

Looking down Happy Valley, was groomed markers to RHS this morning.

Ski Tow Gully still with a phenomenal depth of snow.

Thrashing the run out from the Flypaper back to Mugs Alley and the lifts.

Getting a turn in on the wee gully off skiers right of the lower Spring Run.

Spring Run / Mugs Alley merge. Mugs Alley has excellent cover for longish green.

Looking up Mugs Alley from the Cliffhanger bottom station. Lots of options under the Cliffy, but mind your head.

Studying the holes - beware of crevasses opening up on the East Ridge. Those within the patrol area on Flypaper are marked.

Negotiating the bumps at the top of the Flypaper on route to the East Ridge.

Pondering the drop into the bowl of the Flypaper from East Ridge side, likely to firm up quickly once in shadow.

Beautiful spring snow under unbroken Sunshine on the East Ridge of Meall a' Bhuiridh.

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Unbroken Sunshine from a deep blue mid April sky with barely a breath of wind at Glencoe on Good Friday sets the scene for Easter Weekend.

After so many wild weekends this season, be sure to grab the opportunity.

Snow started firm after an overnight frost, so people clung to the groomers for the first hour or so, but as the Sun got to work the snow loosened up into fast granular spring snow. As the snow loosened people spread out far and wide, so in the afternoon the wait rarely exceeded a couple of minutes on the Wall T-bar and bounced around between 2 and 4 minutes on the Main Basin T-bar.

The middle and upper slopes retain a simply massive depth of snow and there are lots of fun lines to take all over the front of the mountain. Indeed the named trails are still some what irrelevant such is the potential for switching between them on a different line each run.

Once your up to the Plateau Cafe (which is a 6-10min walk from the Access Chair, but remember the walk is much less distance and vertical than the Poma covers) there is fantastic cover to the base of the Wall T-bar and Cliffhanger Chair. Thus 1300ft of the normal 1400ft on mountain vertical is on offer.

Advanced intermediates upwards have one huge playground, but Mugs Alley is in great shape for snow plough turners and the High Road and Bunny Run are wide, deep and pretty easy going once it softens up.
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