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Glencoe // Wednesday 29th January 2014
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Cliffhanger Chair opened on Wednesday, lift line had to be winched in places!

Looking down on the base area from the low level Access Run.

Going up the Wall T-bar, now those ropes are barely long enough almost lifting you off the ground in thin cover!

Ride anywhere cover extends down the top third of the Access Chair. Fantastic on Thursday below the cloud!

Huge depth of snow at the top of the Access Chair. Embankment and fence obliterated on track to the Poma.

Trail sign about to disappear - go anywhere mid-mountain, Thrombosis Gully is pretty flat (but there are some drops about so take care in poor vis).

Plateau Poma uptrack is a trench for most of it's length.

Red MTB trail gully a good option too for returning to base, combat lower third - watch for sharks on the track!

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The weather didn't brighten up as forecast in the afternoon, visibility was very limited on the upper mountain and better on the Plateau and occasionally clearing part way up the middle runs.

Thursday promises clearer overhead and if it delivers it will be a simply epic day at Glencoe. There is a simply nuts amount of snow on Meall a' Bhuiridh and there's another big storm coming Friday.

Thus given the weather outlook is pretty rough, drop everything and get up Thursday if you can.

From the top third of the Access Chair upwards it's ride anywhere, the individual runs have become pretty meaningless such is the volume of snow. Advanced skiers and boarders can ride to the carpark level via the low level Access Run and the Red Route bike trail (follow the natural gullies obvious from the track line). Great cover top third, middle third is decent but the bottom third is combat riding - but worth it for the top 2/3rds and better visibility.

Snow softened below the main ski field and is now crunching up, lower portion of access run should ski a bit easier tomorrow as a result and that is something of a base if Friday's storm were to deliver to base level. Fingers crossed, because having the full Access Run in good shape would be the icing on the cake!
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