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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 2nd March 2014
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Throughout Sunday drifting on SE winds was blowing windblown fresh up onto the Fiacaill Ridge so the actual ridge was fantastic.

Blue sky storm on Sunday afternoon, Sun overhead at times but constant heavy drifting.

A few lucky people got lift served turns on an epic White Lady, but drifting was so severe the M1 Poma track was unusable almost as soon as it opened.

Windblown powder accumulating on the Fiacaill Ridge, fantastic turns whole length of the fenced run.

Underpass at the mid-station of the Funicular, dropping down to Sheiling Gully got some nice fresh turns in the afternoon.

Fiacaill Ridge Poma doing it's thing on Sunday afternoon and the Sun was still shining at this point!

Enjoying the windblown and windpacked powder on the Fiacaill Ridge.

Cas Gunbarrel and the Sheiling area also catching windblown powder through the afternoon.

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After promising much in the build up to the weekend, Sunday proved to be a somewhat frustrating and little bizarre day. However those who stuck it out in the end got a late afternoon of fantastic turns on a mostly queue-less Ridge Poma.

As was the forecast last night brought more snow and high winds to CairnGorm Mountain. The resulting drifting was sufficiently severe as to ensure the Funicular wouldn't run and the Ptarmigan Restaurant would remain shut. However after digging out the Cas T-bar and M1 Poma did open as the day went on.

The severity of the ongoing drifting however meant the M1 Poma's stint was brief, with the uptrack a deep trench in places it became unusable almost as soon as it opened with walls of drifted snow building quickly across the uptrack. A shame as the White Lady was simply epic.

Mid afternoon all the lifts stopped simultaneously (I heard there was a brief power issue). Everyone gradually descended on the Daylodge, but it seems by the time the tows whirred back into action many were already packing up to go. Only the Ridge Poma reopened and after the initial surge of people over from the Daylodge it was queue free for the rest of the afternoon with fantastic riding on the Ridge on a windpacked powder base with constant top of windblown loose snow.

The wind is forecast to blow itself out during the night, so Monday is looking pretty promising. Some doubt about whether the occlusion might pivot back giving more persistent snow again in the afternoon - but wind should be pretty light. There will be digging out of the middle lifts needed and the Funicular is unlikely to run Monday.
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