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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 10th April 2014
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Polar Express Trainer Tow - good intro to not having to walk back up!

New diagonal fences in the Ptarmigan Bowl still buried, good depth across the Bowl.

Rails in the Ptarmigan Park, CML Slope Style Comp on Saturday.

Looking up the Ptarmigan Tow to give a scale to the Terrain Park.

Marquis Well halfpipe on Thursday afternoon.

Looking out from the Top of the Ptarmigan Tow, clouds bubbling up gave a few snow showers.

Flat-down ride on rail being set up at the top of the Ptarmigan Park.

Novice ride on flat wide box in the Ptarmigan Park.

Ciste Bowl still wide with a deep cover, in contrast to the expired Ciste Fairway.

Looking over the Ptarmigan Bowl from the drop in to the large kickers.

Small spring snow bumps starting to form on the White Lady, great fun all afternoon.

Top of the Gunbarrel, 105 merge from right, Zig Zags exit to left at crest.

Looking down on Coire Cas and the Traverse, might not look like much from here, but a good run top to middle.

Between the top two legs of the Zig Zags still a big expanse of snow, Chicken Gully still full too.

Fancy something steeper, well there were a few tracks out of Aladdin's Couloir this afternoon.

Not a bad last run of the day as the Sun shines on the upper reaches of Fiacaill a' Choire Chais.

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More photos from Thursday in the Public Reports.

Afternoon was a mix of Sunny Spells and short snow / hail showers, wind was generally light, though at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow and bottom of the Ciste it was a bit gustier. At 4pm 30 gusting 42mph at top of Ptarmigan.

Only queue I came across was for the Ptarmigan Tow, and then only a few people ahead. Upper level of the Cas Carpark wasn't filled, so you should be able to clock up a hefty milage if the legs are up for it on Friday.

Friday is looking to be a good day, get up if you can as the weekend once again is looking windy, particularly Saturday. Sunday is at this stage a little better looking - but check the forecasts / updates.

Top to Middle riding is on offer with a range of green, blue and red terrain to play on. Ptarmigan Park was being rebuilt, some features should be open Friday ahead of the Slopestyle Comp planned for Sat (see www.cairngormmountain.org).

The Ciste Fairway is patchy, so for a longer green run try either the Ciste Bowl which is still wide and deep, or top to middle via the Traverse, Coire Cas and Zig Zags - where the Funicular will pick you up from the mid-station Platform. Can ski right to the Platform area.

Zig Zags are still fully complete, wide cover between the top two legs as well, but the bottom corner is now getting a bit thin - so careful here. Cas Gunbarrel is still loaded to the brim and flat, it's as easy as it gets just now.

White Lady good sport with small bumps starting to form on Thursday afternoon for more advanced riders. Access is via the M1 SideTrack route.

Some tracks laid down on the Headwall early evening and over in Sneachda, Aladdin's Couloir saw some action Thursday as well. The dome of CairnGorm is devoid of snow facing the Plateau, if you are thinking of heading that way or going touring. If your happy to 'tour' or hoof in the snowsports area then the Ciste Gully and West Wall remain in great shape - but the WWP track is largely devoid of snow.
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