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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 29th March 2014
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Heading for home at the end of the day via the Carpark Run, all but a short bit in decent nick - snow will be moved about tonight.

Spring is for the White Lady in the Sunshine, small bumps starting to emerge late in the day.

Launching in the Ptarmigan Park of the largest kicker.

Grab off one of the Ptarmigan Park Kickers.

Upside down in the Ptarmigan Park.

Looking down through the Ptarmigan Park, 2 banks of large kickers with graded take offs.

Ambassadors not doing backflips in the park today!

Air over the tyre jib in the Ptarmigan Park.

Kickers in the Ptarmigan Park tower over the Ptarmigan T-bar.

A different take on the obligatory top of the Ptarmigan Tow photo.

Hitting the wide flat to down rail in the Ptarmigan Park.

Looking down skiers left of the Gunbarrel to the Carpark Run below, still reasonable riding to the Daylodge.

Elis Brigham are demoing next years skis, continues Sunday - need drivers license (with photo card) to try gear.

Completely flat Gunbarrel level with the 105 and filled above the brim on the T-bar side.

Zig Zags and Chicken Gully just one big expanse of white. White Lady beyond.

Looking over the Cas Gunbarrel to the M1 Poma from the crossover from the Zig Zags / Chicken Gully.

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Once again the hill fog burnt back to give a glorious spring afternoon on CairnGorm Mountain. No guarantees it will be a third such day in a row on Sunday though!

The persistence or otherwise of cloud cover has been a bit hit or miss across Scotland in recent days.

Still top to Daylodge riding on offer, most of the Carpark Run remains decent for the end of March. However the short fenced section away from the Burnside Split back towards the Carpark T-bar was fairly trashed by the end of the day. Machines are due to push out more snow from nearby to improve it overnight.

Sheiling Tow area is in decent shape with full cover down the left track.

Above mid-station the cover on the natural runs is superb in both Coire Cas and Coire na Ciste. It's hoped to get the West Wall Poma open before the weekend is out, but it did not spin on Saturday. Walk out is 15-20mins from Ciste Gully if you can arrange a lift from the Carpark, no shuttle bus on Sat.

Still fairly fresh snow higher up Sat AM, which became slow and sticky as the later. For a while better surface conditions on the Fiacaill Ridge, but the White Lady picked up again later, starting to morph towards more spring like snow with small bumps forming.

Snow will crunch up this evening as the dew point has fallen below 0°c, this should mean even less used areas are less sticky on Sunday than Saturday.

Terrain Parks:

The advanced Ptarmigan Park has large kickers and technical features. Much easier features in the Cas Shred including berms, rollers and a couple of ride on wide low boxes.
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