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Nevis Range // Saturday 4th January 2014
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Full cover across from Allt Sneachda to Quad Chair, but unpisted areas lower down very hard.

View up the Goose from below the snack hut, full cover across Goose Gully and the East Goose.

Skier on Cats Ally, complete cover across the area to skiers left of the Goose Tow.

Going up the Goose T-bar, great soft fresh snow high up. Pisted areas beautiful riding.

Looking up the mountain from outside the Top Station, good cover on all runs back to the top of the Gondola.

Fresh drifted snow being bashed out along the Warren's fenceline.

Total cover across the front face of the mountain, Goose Gully filled full length and well down the Allt Sneachda.

Summit Tow drive, the Summit is now ready to go on Sunday morning - weather permitting.

View down towards the Qua. Quad awaiting parts, but it's runs will be excellent for intermediates once chair opens.

Over 3m of new drifts at the top of the Goose, partly dug out Lifty hut for the Summit Tow.

Alpha fence lines are full, so track fairly easy to ride even for boarders as pretty flat.

Good riding to the Top of the Gondola.

Learning the basics by the Top Station. Linnhe and Rope Tow in good shape for novices.

View over to CMD (thanks to Chris H for this photo) there are more in the Public Reports.

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The Summit Tow was dug out and the storm repairs from earlier damage completed on Saturday. So the Summit Tow should be all set to go on Sunday morning, opening up not just the Summit Runs, but Warrens and the East Goose area.

Fresh drifts had built up to around the 3m mark at the top of the Goose Tow in Friday's storm, see photo of the Summit Tow Hut!

There is excellent cover across all runs on the front of the mountain, thus good sport on off for all ability levels. The beginner area served by the rope tow and Linnhe Button are excellent when in good shape as now - adjacent to the Top Station and restaurant.

Further up the mountain all runs back to the Top Station have good cover, softish snow on the groomers, some firmer areas - but the lower half of the mountain in particular has a hard crusty surface on the unpisted areas.

Goose Gully is loaded, total cover across the East Goose, Goose Gully itself, over beyond the T-bar and across to Sidewinder - which provides a longer less steep zig zaging route down from the top of the Goose Tow.

Quad Chair is awaiting spare parts from Austria to fix the storm damage, should arrive this week. Currently total cover across the lower mountain under the Quad, so if it stays like that it will give superb chair served intermediate cruising for a large number of people!
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