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Glencoe // Sunday 12th January 2014
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Hiking over to the Rope Tow to get to the Cliffhanger Chair.

if your crossing under the Cliffhanger Chair, watch your head, chest, thighs and in places your knees!

Moody skies over Rannoch Moor from the Plateau Run as the light faded.

The Canyon was catching progressively more windblown fresh through the afternoon, queue free last hour on the Cliffhanger.

Huge depth of snow at the top of the Access Chair, fences buried around the base of the Plateau Poma.

Scenic sledging under the Access Chair by the Eagles Rest. Free sledges available at top of Chair, just pay for the Chair ride.

Some spectacular cloudscape colours through the day, looking out from the Low Road. Full cover across the Plateau.

Making tracks in the windblown fresh in the lower portion of Happy Valley.

Main Basin was catching windblown fresh, Rock Garden beyond has good cover but was getting scoured today.

Happy Valley was ether icy hard packed or cookie nightmare early doors, but away from immediate skiers left it was good late on.

The how not to queue at the Cliffhanger Chair, was reorganised onto the flat track to the Cafe shortly after!

Boarder heads out wide beyond the Low Road on the Plateau for some final turns in the fading afternoon light.

A spectacular place to learn, the Plateau Rope Tow looking up Meall a' Bhuiridh.

The early bird and the late stayers got the least of the wind and queue free riding on Sunday. Late turns as the light fades.

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A particularly busy day at Glencoe on Sunday due to a pretty exceptional set of circumstances! A big weekend promo at Nevis Range attracted loads more Westwards, only for a rather odd wind situation to prevent any lift served play at all on Aonach Mor!

The obvious solution for the displaced was to pile into Glencoe and with 2 main lifts sadly out of action following the failure on the Wall T-bar during Saturday ticket sales were ineivtably suspended - leaving some unfortunate and frustrated skiers doubly disappointed.

Glencoe escaped the impacts of the wind that restricted uplift elsewhere, though it got pretty blowy at times mid-afternoon on the upper mountain access to the Top was maintained all day and the Cliffy and Poma spun till the light was obviously fading.

Monday will be much quieter and the restricted uplift won't be an issue, the full mountain is still accessible and there's been several hours of snow fall to the base on Sunday evening. Drifting in the fresh wind on Sunday saw some areas get scoured, while others kept loading up with fresh.

Where was good, and where was great changed through the day. Happy Valley was reportedly a bit of a nightmare early on, but pretty nice late on. Old Mugs Alley was ego enhancing, while some scrapped bits on Mugs Alley was bruising a few egos. The Canyon was catching more snow as the wind picked up and was a blast the last hour.

Those who arrived early and stuck it out till the last lift undoubtedly got the best out of the day. The wind dropped away just before 3pm and the last hour like the first couple was fairly quiet and not too windy.

Monday awaits and it's looking pretty promising with further top ups of fresh expected during the day.
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