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Glencoe // Wednesday 12th February 2014
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Boarder rides past the bottom of the Access Chair, 2400ft vertical if the wind behaves!

Skiers outside the Base Cafe at the foot of the Access Chair.

Ski Patrol outside the Rescue Station who's location is marked by the various poles!

After our photos of the Access Run were taken it did this for several hours, absolutely dumped down!

Ski in hobbit houses at present. Over a foot of soft snow at Carpark level.

Main Basin, increasing wind prevented top opening. Skiing down a pile of webcam kit without being able to see the drifts was fun!

Closing in on 2/3rds of the way down the Access Run, fantastic cover till here. Last third now pretty decent for such a low level.

Sliding past the upper Carpark on the approach to the foot of the Access Chair on the fenced Access Run.

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It basically dumped all day at Glencoe on Wednesday and at all levels. Visibility was very poor up on the mountain, so a number of people were lapping the Access Run.

The ride anywhere cover extends to below the top third of the Access Chair, and under the Chair line then traversing over to the fences for the bottom half of the Access Run was fantastic, with deep fresh powder under the Chairlift.

Best to stick to just under the Access Chair or to skiers right off it so you don't unintentionally cross the mountain river which is starting to fill in in places at the top. Great cover on the top 2/3rds, last third is improving and pretty decent given how low it is and getting the full top to moor vertical is an opportunity you have to grab when it comes along!

Obviously the snow wasn't just dumping at the base, it continues to pile up further up Meall a' Bhuiridh as well. Cliffhanger chairs are in the snow in places, but on Wed the Wall T-bar opened and the Main Basin T-bar was dug out. However increasing wind at the top prevented it from opening.

More snow tonight accompanied by severe drifting on Storm Force Westerly winds through the early hours. High winds will continue into Thursday morning at least, but as of Wednesday evening, Friday has a very promising forecast.
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