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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 2nd April 2008
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Good wide cover on the Upper Cas, longer blue run on the Fiacaill via the Fiacaill Traverase.

Going up the Cas T-bar looking to the Headwall which avalanched in style on Friday! Take care if venturing on to steeper ground.

The Cas Gunbarrel. Alternative routes via the Zig Zags or Chicken Gully which had the best snow this afternoon.

Coire Cas and the 105 (foreground) viewed from Horizon Road (link between M1/Cas).

Cliffs of the Northern Corries beyond the Fiacaill Ridge, viewed from the Traverse.

Heading for Coire Cas via the Traverse which is absolutely loaded with shortcuts possible further down to the 105.

M1 RaceTrack is full width and had the best snow on Wed afternoon, loose granular spring snow.

Looking up the upper M1/Traverse to the Top Station.

CairnGorm Mountain from outside the Daylodge. Good snow from mid-station, still skiable to carpark via Daylodge Run.

On route to the White Lady via the top section of the M1 SideTrack, then skiers right and sweep under the Funicular.

Wide cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl - fantastic for learning a new snowsport in the settled spring weather.

Laogh Mor Traverse which provides access to the East Wall Gullies.

Dropping onto the 105 from Horizon Road, both this line and the lower RaceTrack have good cover on the M1.

Foot of the M1 RaceTrack from the loading area, 105 merges from the right (also complete to the loading area).

White Lady has good width higher up and decent links to the M1 Poma and Funicular mid-station.

That should keep the Ptarmigan Traverse going for a while this spring!

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A bright day with good periods of sunshine and rising temperatures, giving a very pleasant spring day, but with recent fresh snow softening and the wind going round to the North to North West, it made the going slow on easier runs heading into the wind like the Fairway and Cas. Thus the best riding later in the day was on steeper runs, with the West Wall and M1 offering more granular spring like snow.

Basically more heavily trafficked and/or steeper areas were riding better, thus the M1 SideTrack was skiing nicely with quite fast spring snow, in part due to more gradient but equally in part due to quite heavy usage in a confined space.

All mid-mountain and upper runs are complete and it's still possible to ski to the Cas Carpark via the M2 and Daylodge Poma Run. M2 full width, but the Daylodge narrowing in bits. The Carpark Run is broken, but the Fiacaill Ridge is do-able though not when the Poma is running.

Winds have fallen light this evening and a slight ground frost is expected, the light winds will allow the snow to firm up overnight. A crust can be expected first thing, but this freeze/thaw with tomorrows warmer temps should actually improve surface conditions.

Good riding for all abilities with excellent cover in the Top Basin and Ptarmigan Beginner Zone. Photos by Winterhighland.
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