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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 10th February 2008
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Going up the M1 Poma as the Sun comes out. Up-track now thin in places - beware.

Mist starts to lift from a still wide Ciste Bowl. Best snow on the mountain, but a price of the longest queue.

Sun tries to make itself felt through the mist in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Looking down the Upper White Lady. Becoming less heavy and more spring like, very narrow in a couple of places but some fun sport for experts.

Looking down Burnside, there is about a 150yard break in the Carpark Run just above here.

Going up the Fiacaill Ridge Poma. Up-track in better nick than M1.

Skiers heading for home via the Fiacaill Ridge (from Carpark Run).

Looking up from the Carpark up-track, Burnside is the better option, but you have to walk about 150yards.

Looking down the Cas Gunbarrel from the Zig Zags/M1 Link.

Looking up the Coire Cas Gunbarrel.

Top Zig Zags are complete along with link back to the Cas/M1, allows the top 2/3rds of the Gunbarrel to be avoided. M1 Beyond is broken.

Wide view of CairnGorm Mountain as the mist begins to lift.

CairnGorm Mountain from the lower Cas Carpark as the weather brightens up.

West Wall has the best snow, the very keen were doing it then hiking out to the Shuttle Bus!

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A well timed afternoon sortie for a couple of hours sliding as the earlier mist started to lift to give some sunny spells for late afternoon. Dusk on the way home had a near perfect clear sky and it looks promising for a much brighter day on Monday.

The main action is taking place above the Sheiling with the Top Basin Runs, Traverse, 105 and Coire Cas fully complete. There is some good areas of snow over the Fiacaill way but can't vouch for the completeness or otherwise of the Fiacaill Traverse and links onto the Ridge Poma side of the T-bar runs which do connect back to the Zig Zags - but if you find a complete line it provides a much longer run.

Top Basin runs are in generally decent shape though not a huge width in the Ptarmigan Bowl, there is excellent areas for novices and the Trainer Tow has it's own fenced off area which has excellent groomed spring snow for those under instruction. The Ciste Bowl is the best of the Top Runs and probably the best snow on offer, but at a price, the queue for the Ciste Tow was still pretty scary late afternoon.

The Cas is full width and the Gunbarrel is in good shape, the majority of which can be avoided by using Chicken Gully or the top two legs of the Zig Zags from where there is a complete link back to the Cas/M1 Poma. Bottom leg of the Zig Zags is broken.

It is possible to ski to the Daylodge via the Fiacaill Ridge with care, but requires criss crossing the uptrack in places so be aware of people coming up. Some people were lapping the FRP as it had no queue! The Carpark Runs are broken and patchy, but at close of play on Sunday it was possible to get from the mid-station to the bridge just above the Daylodge with removing skis twice, but there is about a 100-150yard gap on the Burnside - but with the Path this is easier than the very patchy Tow Track. Did mid-station to Daylodge via Burnside in 4mins which sure beat the wait for the Train.

Good wide cover on the West Wall but no uplift over there, some tourers were doing it, and some boarders apparently did it and hiked out to the Ciste Carpark which was around 2/3rds full on Sunday. Monday is also a local schools holiday so will be busy, arrive early if you need hire. For a mid-week slight it should be less hectic from Tuesday. Photos by Winterhighland.
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