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Glenshee // Friday 14th March 2008
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Butchart's T-bar and beyond a tasty looking Centre Gully which sadly looks to remain the preserve of those with touring kit for now.

View from Butcharts across the Cairnwell T-bar to the Cairnwell Summit.

View back to the Butchart's Access Poma.

Traverse from the top of the Cairnwell Chair and Meall Odhar T-bar/Caenlochan Poma in the distance on the left of photo.

Looking down beside the Cairwell T-bar. Race Track has the best cover, other fence lines narrow.

View from the top of the Cairnwell T-bar towards Carn Aosda. Butchart's Access Poma provides uplift but the only run is via Burchart's Coire itself.

Looking over to the Cairwell T-bar from the top of Butchart's Access.

Cairnwell Chairlift which is due to run Sat wind permitting. Upper Tiger good, narrow lower down and a bit patchy, but can be linked. Powder at the top, spring snow lower down.

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Glenshee is offering limited sport with new snow on a firm base on Butchart's Coire and on the Tiger, also on the Cairnwell Race Track, though the base is a bit more patchy here.

Off the existing base it's a early season style conditions with a thin cover so care is required. Butchart's Access Poma provides access to the T-bar, though with some careful route spotting from the Cairnwell T-bar this way in would work too.

The Tiger has good cover on the top, but the base is patchy on the lower half and it's a case of picking a line between the spring snow patches, but there was reportedly a complete run and the chair will run Sat wind permitting.

Very quiet, only 10 to 15 people out sliding. Meall Odhar isn't that far off and Centre Gully looks promising, hopefully what was gained this week will consolidate and more will follow as it would not take a huge amount of snow to reach further out once more.

Photos by flugeryl.
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