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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 11th March 2008
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Ptarmigan Traverse with buried fence - that's over four feet or 122cm in SCGB money!

Looking up the White Lady and M1 Poma.

the mid Gunbarrel has gained several feet of snow since Sunday. From Tow track to bottom of GB here is 8+ foot drop or slightly over 250cm!

Kickers and rails in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Fresh tracks heading out the Fiacaill Traverse.

The Fiacaill Run looking to the Headwall. Good snow skiers left of the Fiacaill T-bars uptrack.

The White Lady and M1 are filling in nicely.

CairnGorm Mountain and Coire Cas with a cover of fresh snow.

I spy snow! Coire an Lochain viewed from the Allt Mor glacial outflow channel.

Ciste Fairway in great condition with machine packed fresh snow.

Skiers on the White Lady, complete to the middle/M1 via the 'skirt'.

Going up the Coire Cas T-bar.

The cover is widening out on the Upper Cas, good lines well out to skiers left of the uptrack.

Ptarmigan Bowl has good fresh cover over the wide firm base that widened out over the weekend. Excellent terrain and loads of width for novices.

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Overnight snow showers were fairly beefy for a time and this coupled with moderate drifting which had continued through Monday and overnight has brought about some good gains in cover on the mid-mountain, with a further top up for the Ptarmigan Basin area.

All Top Basin runs are in great shape, but even the the Fairway and Ptarmigan runs have caught more snow and improved further, the Ciste Bowl is always one step ahead and remains the best offering for early intermediates (and upwards, this is hero snow on a very flattering run!!)

All Cas side mid-mountain runs are now open and skiable, but away from the upper White Lady the snow cover on the red runs remains rather baseless so care is required. The Traverse down onto Coire Cas provides the best route to the mid-station level, and the Cas has gained width and depth over the past 48hours with the Gunbarrel nearly flat above the M1 Poma.

From the Top of the Cas the Fiacaill Traverse provides access to some lesser skied fresh snow on the Fiacaill Run (skiers left of the Fiacaill Uptrack) which links back to the Zig Zags via the Fiacaill Crossover. From here good skiers/boarders can return to the car park via the Fiacaill Ridge, but care is required.

The top two legs of the Zig Zags and link back to the Cas and M1 Poma are in good shape. The lower legs are filling slowly. Overall beautiful snow and the open terrain is expanding again. Just need the snow to drift down more on the Ciste side to plug some gaps to take advantage of the solid base on most of the Gully and West Wall (which has been some action by those on touring kit).

Photos by H11lly with a few extra from Winterhighland.
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